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I just had my nephrectomy done on tuesday and I spent one day in the hospital and now I am at home. Everything is going well and I am healing fine. I go back to the dr on the 3rd for the path report. I will keep yall posted.  Be Blessed

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That didn't hurt? Yeah. Right. Or was it the left Kidney?


Ok so it hurt a little.


Relax and catch up in your strength. The final 4 is next weekend.




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It was the right kidney. Yes it does hurt LOL ( just a little).


 I am laying in bed catching up on some much needed shopping.


Relaxing is all I can do. My mother came into town and is taking great care of me and my boys

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Isn't it great to hit those  "add to shopping cart" buttons from the comfort of your bed?


So glad you've come through the operation successfully and you have family support around you. It's a big part of WINNING. . .

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Get well and Don't over do it. Watch some movies you have been meaning to watch! 

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YEAH~~glad its over and you are on the road to recovery!

Don't forget "ICE" helps reduce swelling and pain. I eventually used it exclusively and didn't need pain meds.

Now that GAS geez.. walking for periods helps move it down and out. Its trapped in pockets in our bodies so often pain meds don't even touch it.

LISTEN to your mommy!! LOL. Glad she is there to help. 4 boys.. you NEED to be resting & shopping!!

Keep us informed as to how you are doing, why? Cuz we care!

Warmly, Jan

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My mom is on the job. I only have 2 boys 7 & 12. They can be a hand full that is why I am happy that my mom is here. My boys is what gets me through this. When the Dr call and told me that I have a mass inside my kidney and he has to remove the whole thing, the only thing I could think about was here I go again. Back in 2010 I was DX'ed with stage 1B vulvar cancer. At first I did not know if I was able to do it again. Not only is fighting cancer hard on the body but on the mind as well. There are sleepless nights where you are up thinking and some crying. You also figure out what in life is important and pray to God that it is not to late. Staying strong is my only option. I have no other choices my babies depend on me.

Then I thought about my boys and I have to do it for them. They have been keeping my compnay. The lil one comes in with his toys and plays next to my bed or watches TV with me. Sometimes he just comes in and ask for a kiss and leave. The oldest one always comes in after school and and give a a run down of his day.

I will keep you updated. This is how I made it through the last time this website. I can talk to my family and friends but they just don't understand. 

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Yes add to shopping cart is the best thing that ever happened to me. New York and Company is getting all my money

THe gas is crazy. Walking is great for it. The day of my surgery I was up at 12 midnight walking the hospital floors. I just wanted to sleep standing up.

RIght now I am trying to find some good books to read. I will be sure to keep yall posted. This site helped me out the last time I was faced with this nasty thing. Talking about it helps. I talk to my family but talking to people who really understand what you are going through is something different.

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Glad it went so well for you! Hope you have a quick and uneventful recovery! Shopping is a wonderful way to recover!





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I am glad to hear everything went well with the op, resting and Internet shopping are definately the best route to fast track healing. I am glad you have your  lovely family around you to take your mind off things. 

Take care, heal well:)


Djinnie x

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Great to hear you are doing well after surgery!  Hoping you continue to have a boring, uneventful recovery. 

You might want to be careful tho, shopping under the influence of narcotics can be dangerous to your bank account. 



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You are right. I am getting stuff in the mail everyday. My mother is getting tired of the UPS man (except when it is for her).

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So today I had my follow appointment and received my path report today. It is good all in all but I do have two concerns. First here is the findings


Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma

 4.5 X4X3.8 CM MASS





So come to find out my kidney was bad anyway and would have gone unnoticed and had a good chance of failing so good bye. So I have a follow up with Nephrology in two week to discuss how to keep my left kidney in good shape. I will discuss with him if one kidney had GLOMERULOSEROSIS how likely the other kidney will have it. I did some reading on this condition and you can only find it through a a biopsy of course you have to do check urine for blood and protein. Mine of course in the past had all that and it was because the cancer and maybe because of this.  Half  the cases have Chronic Kidny failure within 10 years  So that is concern number 1

Concern number 2 I will discuss with my oncologist on the 17th is that this is my second time being DX'ed with cancer in the matter of 4 years. Within the four years it was trying to come back in another area fairly close but it was in situ which means it did not invade the underlining tissues and I was only about two-three months from that happening. Thank GOD that I find them very early but I'm am tired of being cut on and burnt. I'm a 33 year old mother of two. How much could my body take? I really do not know what to do. I am at a lost for questions to ask because I don’t know what to ask.

My mother is my care giver and I know she is tired and feels helpless at times. I know it suffers her to see my go through surgery after surgery. As a parent I understand the pain in her eyes. I am always on top of my treatments and want to be in the know. I guess today I am having one of those days where being strong is hard. I know you have to be strong in order to beat this. Being mentally strong is 90% of beating this thing.  Right now I just don’t know. I feel like I'm slowly losing pieces of me year after year.

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The best answers to your concerns will of course come from your 2 scheduled consuls.

My laymens's thoughts. From my understanding your 2 cancers are not related. With regard to the diseased kidney that usually does not go with RCC. Both however share a loss of Kidney function. Some people live their whole life with 1 kidney.

Other ways to watch and improve Kidney function are keeping your blood pressure down and watching your diet.

It may turn out that the RCC was a blessing in disguise having led to the diseased kidney which is now gone. Others more knowlegeable than me will weigh in with their thughts.

Your tumor was the same size as mine. It all started with a little yard work in May 2002, almost 12 years ago.  A lot of blood where it was not suposed to be. A CT scan and than  yeah. The left Kidney was gone before you knew it.Since you are more than 30 years younger than me you have to stay well to help the newbies down the road after I am long gone.




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