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Since I was dx with stage 4 vaginal cancer in Sept. 2011, I have seen my daughter graduate  with her master's degree, pass her board certification (she's now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst), get her 1st great job and helped her move to Nashville. I wasn't sure if I would ever see this during my treatment, but by the grace of God and much support from family & friends, I made it through to the other side & currently NED. Cancer may have knocked me down for a while, but it also showed me how sweet & wonderful life can be, how to savor these moments. If you are currently fighting this b@st@rd of a disease, keep your faith, your sense of humor & find something to laugh about each day. (I know that last one is hard, but it does help!!). I try to check in the boards often & I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Smile 


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so glad you are doing well.  Life is precious.  Keep on living and loving.  Hugs.

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LOVE to hear these stories!!  It helps all of those who have been around and those who are newly diagnosed. 


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