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Best treatment centers

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Hello all, what treatment centers in the country and people had good experience with and good results? 

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Hello, 1st time posting, husband had his treatment @  Dana Farber in Boston.  Great facility & great results.

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had good results at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

my daughter and I both treated there and are multi year survivors.  My best to you.


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We had excellent care at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center in Minneapolis.  This is part of the Allina system.  However, MD Anderson, Sloan-Kettering, UCSF and Cleveland Clinic are famous and have a long history of leading edge treatment.  

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We live in Kansas and had checked into MD andersons and CTCA's. We went then with University of Kansas Medical Center. Our cancer dr. Dr. Baranda is actually affiliated in her research etc with MD Anderson. Our Surgeon Dr. Al-Kasspooles does as many Esophagectomies a year as the surgeons at other cancer treatment centers and his success are comparible to or better then other surgeons and his mortality and complication rates are minimal. We really liked the care he recieved. We were wanting to start treatments ASAP, other facilities had wait times of 2-3 weeks. We were diagnosed last friday of November and had cancer doc appointment that following Tuesday at KU I believe and started treatments the week after. Now were in it about 5 months, hes had treatments, surgery and is back to work 2 weeks early (hes hardheaded). Great care at KU med and wonderful doctors that tell it like it is. They also have a "hope house" to stay in if you would need lodging accomodations- I believe this is free.  

Do whats best for you, there are great resources in this discussion board! KU doesnt do the more experimental treatments though, it sticks mostly with chemo/ radiation/ and or surgery. They are a part of MD andersons HER2 testing and clinical trails.

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We also live near this facility.  My husband has had treatment and now they are recommending surgery.  He is really afraid of the surgery.  He has COPD and is worried that it will cause complications.  We have been getting treatment at the St. Lukes in Kansas City.   He has no signs of cancer now but they tell him it could come back without surgery.  What are your thoughts? 


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Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Arizona

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Dr. Luketich at the University of Pittsburgh Medical center- UPMC.  My husband had MIE surgery there in 2011 with excelent results.   Dr. Luketich is the pioneer of Minimally Invasive Esophagetomy. They have a place to stay for family members called Family House. There is a fee,but it is very reasonable.

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Dr. Christopher Morse, Thoracic Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  Dr. Morse trained in the MIE under Dr. Luketich and had done aprox 150 MIE's when he did mine.  Great surgeon with a great staff at a great hospital.





Dx 8/3/11

MIE 9/23/11

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Is anyone familiar with Oregon Health & Science University in terms of treating esophageal cancer?  I've heard they are a high volume treatment center for EC but according to their website have no current clincal trials for EC at this time.  Thanks!

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I live in Portland, Oregon, where OHSU is and was diagnosed with EC in January 2013.  OHSU and their Knight Cancer Institute is a well funded, NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, and I highly recommend this hospital.  I had a colonic interposition (used a portion my colon to use in place of my removed esophagus) at OHSU which is a much more complicated surgery than a more standard esophogectomy with gastric pull-up -- too complicated to explain I had to go this route. My primary surgeon was Dr. John Hunter who is internationally recognized for esophogeal cancer.  First class, state of the art service.  That plus the fact that from the hospital there are stunning views of three NW volanoes (Mt. Hood, Mt. Helens, and Mr. Rainier) -- a qualitative benefit for healing.

Also in Portland is Providence Hospital (Providence Cancer Center) where my oncologist is located.  Providence is a leading, west coast researcher for immunological therapy.  In fact, my oncologist has mentioned that he would consider immunologial treatment for recurrence (I'm one year cancer free) instead of traditional chemotherapy. 

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Thanks for the great info...  Best wishes to you!

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Hello David 2013,

Would you be able to ask your oncologist what type of immunotherapy treatment is used for EC when that is possible for you. 

My husband has recurrence and is HER2 positive and getting treatment. It is now two years since recurrence  I just would like to know what kind of therapies are available.



John Char
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The Cleveland Clinic has helped my husband. Dr. Sohal is one of the best in this type of cancer. We wouldn't go anyplace else. We called Cancer Treatment of America and they told us we was in one of the top hospitals.  

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