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Re: Good news on cat scan for UPSC - NED - 3 years out from original diagnosis!

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Hi Everyone:


  I wanted to post that I just got my results back this afternoon (Thursday) from my cat scan I had done on (Tuesday morning) and it shows I have "NO" evidence of disease or metasis to other organs so I am Very happy and relieved and so is my Family.  I was originally diagnosed back in February of 2011 so now I am 3 years out from diagnosis.  I was diagnosed at Stage 1 of UPSC and underwent 6 rounds of carbo and taxol and 3 rounds of brachytherapy. My cancer was a large polyp at 5 centimeters. I still have 2 more years to be diligent and watchful and I Never ever let my guard down with this cancer.  I know this is a terrible and very scary type of cancer (UPSC) to be diagnosed with and it is such a rare and aggressive cancer.  I go back and see my oncologist in 3 more weeks as I normally see him 2x a year.

  I just hope that I can continue to remain cancer free and with NO evidence of disease for now and in the future.  I enjoy life every day and live life to the fullest and hearing that I had cancer did change me.  I am eating a lot healthier and better since being diagnosed three years ago.

  I also wanted to ask you women on the board about peanuts - I did read in the American Cancer Society booklet that if you have peanuts it will thwart cancer so I have been having shelled peanuts for 3 years and have them Every day a bowl full of them - it has definitely helped, but I am wondering if any of the women have eaten peanuts on an everyday basis either the shelled peanuts or cashews or walnuts or any other kind of peanuts to help with the cancer.

  Any insights on food you can give me would be appreciated.  I do not have much meat - I have a couple of meatballs during the week along with spaghetti - I have coffee 2 x a week and we just bought a Keurig.  I also eat fruit, salad, yogurt, baked potatoes and soup during the week and I am also trying to lose some weight.

  Also, I wanted to mention to the women on this board who are fighting UPSC or any other kind of uterine cancer that should they have a reoccurrence, my heart goes out to everyone of you and I wish you all the best going through more chemo and keep up the good fight.  Never, ever give up.  Just enjoy each day and be thankful for every day. No one knows what tomorrow will bring or even next week, next month or even next year so do try and enjoy each and every day.


a/k/a Jane


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Jane it appears you were so happy about three years you posted it three times!!!  Celebrate and congratulations.  So very happy for you.

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  Thank you for your wishes as I really do appreciate it.

 I met with a friend of mine over the weekend as she has a later stage of  our cancer, UPSC.  She mentioned to me that if you pass the 3 year mark and do not have a reoccurrence within the first three years, then your chances significantly drop by 75% of your cancer NOT coming back so that was really good to hear.  Her oncologist told her this and she also read about it.  I still have 2 years though to be diligent, watchful and on the lookout.  I will not take anything for granted.  Our cancer is sneaky and rare and aggressive.  I don't know what next week, next month or next year will bring so I enjoy each and every day that I have.  Getting this cancer diagnosis did scare me and I changed my eating habits for the better.  

  I plan to enjoy my spring and summer as there are a lot of things to do and places to go and will be going on vacation to the shore in July.  


  Again, thanks for your wishes. I wish you all the best for the future as well and I hope that you can continue to remain with No evidence of disease as well.

  Please keep in touch.  I noticed on your profile that you are Stage 1(a).  My cancer was a large polyp - 5 centimeters so I am stage 1 also.


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By accident, I only wanted One entry to appear, and somehow three entires appeared, I am sorry about this even though I previewed it.


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Double Whammy
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So happy for you, Jane.  And you know what, if it appeared a gazillion times, that's not too many times to read such wonderful news.  May it continue.  I, too, have heard about the 3 year mark being good for UPSC.  I was also told the same about adenocarcinoma (which is what I had). 

A dear friend is now 7 years NED for Stage 2 UPSC.  She still has CA-125s and Paps every 6 months, but her insurance booted her back to regular gyn after 5 years.  Stupid insurance, but she's NED and will likely remain that way!  I'm seriously considering no more exams after 5 years, but will discuss with my gyn onc when the time comes.  Soon.  I've been NED for almost 4  years now. 

I hope the new folks have read your post because it is encouraging and we all need that.


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Hi Suzanne:

  Thank you for your very nice wishes, Suzanne and I really appreciate it.   I have breathed a small sigh of relief as it is a milestone I feel especially after what my friend mentioned to me about UPSC and from what her oncologist said also when you reach the 3 year mark with no reoccurrence.

  My friend has stage 3(c) UPSC and was diagnosed a couple of months after I was. She is going through a reoccurrence, it was found in her paraortic lymph node and she is going through a 2nd round of chemo and radiation.  My heart goes out to her and I feel for her.  Her oncologist mentioned that her cancer is treatable and curable so I am glad and happy for her. 

  I also wish you the best with your cancer and that you continue to remain without evidence of disease.  I have seen a number of your posts on the board.

  That is very encouraging for your friend after 7 years to remain with No evidence of disease. She has to feel very, very relieved, grateful and thankful.

  I was clinically diagnosed at Stage 1.  My cancer was a large polyp 5 centimeters and I went through the standard treatment 6 rounds of  carboplatin, taxol and 3 brachytherapy treatments. 

  I though will still remain watchful and diligent.  I don't want to leave anything to chance and do not take anything for granted. I still have 2 more years to go through this so I will continue with what I am doing.   I will continue with my good eating habits as I changed my eating habits for the better after being diagnosed with UPSC.  I also drink green tea every day and I do like green tea a lot.  I used to have ice tea, but discontinued it once I started having green tea as obviously green tea is so much better for you.  I also do not eat much meat during the week.  During the week I have salad, yogurt, cereal, a baked potato, spaghetti and meatballs, and tunafish 2x a month for a couple of days.  For fruit I have bananas and strawberries when they are in season and I enjoy corn on the cob in the summer.

 Your right, I hope the new women diagnosed here with UPSC will read my post and feel encouraged.  

 Again, thanks for your kind wishes.



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I am one of those newly diagnosed with USPC and am so happy to hear your good news. Thanks for posting. I am early in my journey. Just diagnosed in Feb with one round of chemo under my belt.  Looking forward to being where you are!

Your post has me craving peanuts!!

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Hi Dee:

  Thanks for your wishes and I really do appreciate it.  Since you are just starting your journey with chemo, I wish you all the best.  What stage of UPSC were you diagnosed with?  

  With chemo I made out pretty well.  Just be sure to take all your medications afterwards.  I did have a Neulasta shot and a blood transfusion after my 5th chemo treatment as my platelets were very low and the shot and the transfusion really helped me.  Losing my hair was a hard thing to deal with for me as I had long and thick hair and a one length bob.  I lost my hair about 2 weeks after my first chemo treatment which is about the norm they said.  I had bought a wig in advance and it looked so much like my natural hair.  

  I did lose my eyelashes and my lower eyelashes never came back on me as I had very sparse lower lashes anyway and now I just use a pencil eyeliner on my lower lashes. I still use mascara but just on my upper eyelashes.  

  I finally got my hair cut in October of 2012 about a year and a half after my hair fell out.  I now keep my hair shorter as it is easier to manage and I still have a one length bob, the consistency of my hair is different and I only get my hair cut about every 3 months now and my bangs trimmed once a month whereas before chemo I had my haircut every 2 months with a bang trim every month also.  My hair was very thick before chemo and it still is thick, but like I said the consistency is just different.

  I knew that I would lose my hair once I started chemo as my oncologist mentioned it to me, but I felt it was temporary and I wanted to fight this cancer and I have a very positive attitude.

  I hope that things go well for you going through chemo.  I also had 3 brachytherapy treatments.  I was diagnosed with stage 1 - my UPSC was a large polyp 5 centimeters long. My radiologist mentioned to me after my treatments that I had an 80% to 90% chance of survival and I thought those were really good odds.  So far, so good.

   If I can help you in any way in your journey, feel free to contact me on this board.  Just take each treatment as it comes, it is not easy going through chemo, but I had great support from family and friends.  You will get through it.  I also did lose my appetite for a couple of days after the chemo treatments and lost about 20 lbs going through chemo.  I have since gained some of the weight back and would still like to lose more weight. With the spring here, hopefully I can get out and take some walks.  

  The peanuts I really enjoy as I eat the shelled peanuts.  I also like cashews, but normally buy the shelled peanuts.

  If you change your eating habits as I did, you probably will be where I am now in three more years.  Just enjoy each and every day that you have.  Don't take anything for granted.  UPSC is a rare and aggressive cancer, as you know, and there is always that chance of a reoccurrence.  I just hope that I can continue to remain with No evidence of disease for now and in the future as I am doing what I can to eat healthier.  Nutrition is a big key.  I don't have much meat at all during the week since I am also trying to lose weight.  My son who lost over 100 lbs. via bike riding and he has rode about 31,000 miles in close to 5 years and changed his eating habits for the better is helping me with my foods.  My son is 19 and will turn 20 this summer.  My son also went with me to a few of my chemo treatments so it was great to have him there with me and I really appreciated him being there for me.  Also having your family and great friends for support does help you also to get through the treatments.


a/k/a Jane





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