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paracenthesis vs catheter placement?

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Hi all,

Our struggles with my mom's PPC continues.  In one of my earlier posts I explained our situation (she has/had (?) lymphoma also, you'll see several posts of mine in the NHL discussion boards too).  In any case, they said no more chemo and sent us to hospice care on 10/30/2013.  Her CA-125 was 245 when released from the hospital after several stays of ICUs for chemo.  Two weeks ago it was 5000 and last week 10,000.  We don't know how long she has left.  For now she gets fluid built up in her abdomen very quickly.  Within about 8 days she gains 10 lbs and she's had 3 parcenthesis procedures so far, the last one took out 4.4 liters.  Her doctor recommended the catheter (pleurex).  It sounds scary.  She has a very difficult life as it is with major bloating, discomfort, pain, constipation and the paracenthesis doesn't do much, after the fluid gets taken out it comes back so quickly.  When it is out too, she doesn't have much  quality of life.

I want to know if anyone has had any experience with a catheter placed in.  Can you please share your experience?  We are looking into doing it next week.  Please advise.  Thank you!


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Never had a catheter, but I hear what you say about how fast the fluid comes back after paracentesis. For me, chemo soon took care of the fluid problem. But when it builds up, it's so uncomfortable that I would think a catheter would be a good idea.

Good luck.

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Hi roya,

I'm so sorry that your mom is having such a tough time. I haven't experienced a catheter. Sounds like it might be helpful. Just reading about your mom's condition scares me. Scared that one day I will be where she is now. This PPC is such a tough battle. Good luck on what you decide to do. You guys are in my prayers.


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