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Good News!

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Went to my onc on 3/21 after surgery. CEA was under 1. Onc did not think chemo would help at this point. He said I have had the main go-to chemo (FOLFOX & Oxciliplatin then FOLFIRI and Erbitux).  If I can make it a year without a reoccurrence he would consider chemo again. He did mention other chemo we could try but didn't think the benefit justified it, given the side effects.  

Next CEA test is 4/10.  Next Scans are May 1.

i'm feeling great and today was a beautiful day! 

Thank you Father God!


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Good luck on your next test.I hope you keep getting stronger.

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Congrats, congrats,  God is Great..... Keep up,the faith.  I know u will.   Luv your prayers for my lung surgery next Friday.  Take care

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Great news Phil!  Good luck on upcoming tests/scans!

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That's great mews Phil. you deserve a break.

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to you and it sounds like you have a good onc.just keep on going forward....Godbless..johnnybegood

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That's great news, Phil.  Congratulations.  I'm very happy for you.  So nice to read some good news.


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Great news - congratulations. Smile


- Karin

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I actually think it's great news that chemo is not in your immediate future.  Enjoy the break (hopefully permanent!).

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Great news, hope the trend continues!

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