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Support Groups

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This forum is all the support group that I want. Posting daily lets a ton of steam out of my pressure cooker. It is so valuable to me. But that being said, the KidneyCancer.org is sponsoring a support group meeting at the Smilow Cancer Hospital @ Yale New Haven next friday, April 4th. I am thinking about going. Less for the support aspect but more to meet other kidney cancer patients. I don't know if anyone who posts here lives within a hundred miles of me and I've never met anyone here in person. Maybe the weather will improve and I can ride my motorcycle there. Maybe I can drum up some new forum members. I'm thinking about it. Who attends support groups? I'm thinking about joining the PBA. The Pizza and Beer Anonymous.

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Gordon Charles
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Hey Fox:  You'd be a great ambassador for the fight against RCC.  Are you a thin crust or Chicago style guy?

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Fox you are already a member of the CMR... Crusty Motorcycle Riders...   I feel the same.. any time I am able to help someone, I feel better..  Right or wrong, I will try to help others...

We have liquid sunshine here in California today...!!


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Good Evening Fox,

Doing my daily check-in w/ the network and always enjoy reading your posts.

Do you have anymore information about the Cancer Support Group meeting at Smilow?

I live less that than an hour away and would love to come.  Do you have the time and

do you know if we need to register to attend.  Any information you can provide would be

very helpful.  Would love to meet you and others on this site.

Today I just had my CT scans of chest and abdomen, with and without contrast.  Glad that

is over with.  I now need meds beginning 24 hours prior to scans since I've developed severe

reactions to the dye contrast.  Meds worked today, only rash on face so far.  Now the waiting for

results begins!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to hearing more about the Support group mtg on 4/4/14.

Thanks for all of the helpful information you have provided me.






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KidneyCancer.org that should work. There is no sign up as far as I can tell. It would be very nice to meet you.

Connecticut Kidney Cancer Support Group

Date: 04/04/2014 01:30 PM - 03:00 PM ET
Location: Yale Smilow Cancer Center
North Pavilion NP4 101A
20 York Street
New Haven, CT 06519
Admission: Free
Summary: This support group is open to all patients and survivors. There is no cost to attend.
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Only a small group went to the meeting. It was the first one.  It seems there are only about a dozen  support groups in the country and none in the northeast. Yale wants to add one. They will meet the first friday each month. All are welcome. I came away with greater sense of hope for all. I was surprised at the progress being made in isolating the variations of the cancer. We have discussed so much of this on this forum. However, it still opened my eyes. So many of us will be enjoying our futures. We are making tremendous gains in the fight and the most progress is being made in kidney cancer. GOOD for US!

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It all sounds great, Fox! That would be a lucky group to have you (just like we are).  Glad to hear it!




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If I were still living in Middletown, CT I would happily attend your PBA meetings

Alas, I now live in tropical Cleveland, OH

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