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thought you could all use some good news.

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Today is March 25, 2014!!!! I’m alive and wonderfully well, living in California, six years after my diagnosis with UPSC. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions. Question everything. Look things up on the web. Google is the best friend I had in my fight. There is a change in the wind on how doctors are looking at treating cancer. Your nagging the bejezus out of them could push them to question things more, and maybe start tweaking things.


YOU BE in charge of your fight. Your doctor's life is not in peril.




Remember to say this daily




This is the fight of my life.


I will fight every day.


I will not forget about the thief that lies within me waiting to take my life.


He is not my friend.


I will take charge.


It is my fight.


Two of the women who started this journey with me have become my friends. There are others who are also alive and well and getting on with things.


Hope is  your friend along with tenacity of spirit. Your brain knows when you feel hopeless. Let it feel your joy and determination.




As always, love, hope, strength, good health and long life are my wishes for all of us,


Let cancer be but a blip on your life line. See it becoming smaller and smaller as you get stronger and the days go on for you and with you.










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I am glad that you continue to do well.  6 years is such an accomplishment.  Thanks for the well wishes, too. I hope you continue to thrive.

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Claudia - I'm delighted to read your good news! For me it is almost 5 yrs since my surgery. I see the gyn/onc in July for the final follow-up visit. Thanks so much for updating us! It is always great to hear from you 8-)

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So wonderful to hear that you're well, Claudia - we have missed your informative posts.  Long may your health and happiness continue.  Thank you for stopping by and wishing us well.

Kindest wishes
Helen xx

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It's good to know that you're all alive and doing well? Dare I hope????

fuzzytrouble-Sharon and Jana are also doing fine.

Anyone heard from Patricia? (crystal edges)

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Hi Claudia!

It is so nice to hear from you!   I hope you have been taking many road trips and enjoying life.  I have been on and off the boards and am glad to hear from you!  Great words of advice.


P.S.  Are you still painting?   I just loved your work

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Double Whammy
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Thank you for checking in Claudia.  So good to hear from you and happy you're doing well.


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Actually, I just rented an artist studio and plan on doing the art circut this summer. I went to pick up a painting of mine that my son had been holding for me and was suddenly struck by how inspired and joyful it made me feel. Thought I might be able to do something else uplifting.

So I'm off to the paints again.

So wonderful that you are well. You look just beautiful!!


Your friend,



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God bless you and all the brave warriors on the gynecological cancer threads. 

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Amen and then some!

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Yay, a 6-year USPC survivor. Thanks for posting your good news. I have USPC as well and it is encouraing to read about those doing well. 

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So good to hear that you're well, Claudia.  

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It is so good to hear you are doing well!

I would love to see your work. Where in California do you live? I am in San Diego.

Best wishes!

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You're such a fighter which is what we all love about you!!!!  I'm very happy yoiu've done so well and now getting more into your passion with painting.  Life is very short and time we looked deep down inside ourselves to feelwhat makes us happy and go do it.  

Best always,


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thankyou for sharing such a wonderful news! It helps all of us more than you know! Best wishes to you! 

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Thank you for the inspiring words.

Cucu me
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for all of us!


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