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stage 4 surgery or not?

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A family member has been diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer with mets to the spine and hip. He received chemo and radiation. The pet scan has shown that the spine lesion is gone. The hip lesion has shrunk considerably. The esophageal cancer has decreased greatly. The doctor is suggesting surgery. Has anyone with Stage 4 had a esophagectomy/Ivor Lewis? And if you did would you do it again?

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Hello Paul,


Your case seems to be an example of one of the things I believe to be of utmost importance to EC patients.  I always stress to folks that it is of primary importance to work with a medical team that specializes in EC.  You don't mention where your relative is recieving treatment, but I can't overstress the difference between going to MD Anderson or Sloan Kettering versus getting treatment at your local hospital.  If you are receiving the advice you state from Johns Hopkins, then feel confident that that is your best option.  If you are receiving that recommendation from your local hospital that doesn't specialize in EC, then consider getting a second opinion from someone who does specialize in EC treatment.  This isn't a sprained ankle that can be treated equally well at any ER.  This is a specialized disease that is best treated by folks who deal with it for a living.  You may well only get one chance with this stuff.  It's worth the time & effort to give yourself the best chance for success.


Wishing you all the best,



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