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Second recurrence - microwave ablation suggested

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After a colon and liver resection surgery in August 2012 / September 2012 , I have now faced two recurrences in the liver. I had maintenance Chemo of erbitux post resection from December 2012 till March 2013. Six month after that I had a recurrence.

the first one was a liver met 3.5 cm in segment 4b of the liver , ( new site- not previously treated ) , in September/October 2013 , approx one year after the resection. this was treated by IRE ( irreversible electroporation ,  similar to RFA)

Now again in March 2014, I have another liver met approx 1.6 cm in segment 4a ( again previously not treated). Both the recurrences Were indentified after rising CEA and CA 19.9 markers and a pet-ct done after the rise in cancer markers.

Docs recommend that they will perform a microwave ablation to this met. They also  mention that they will do a MRI and see of there are any more mets which do not show up on the pet-ct but may be seen in the contrast MRI.

ihas anyone had a microwave ablation done ? What is more effective ? The docs say that another resection at this time may not be suitable due to liver remanant issues. Doesn't the liver grow post resection and so why should there be a liver remnant issue.

should I continue with some systemic chemo after getting the met ablated so that the recurrence can be delayed or limited.?

any other suggestions to keep the frequent recurrences at bay.




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I had four myself, before finally getting over the hump.  I didn't have liver involvement, so I can't give you any advice on that, but I did want to mention that you might want to get a 2nd opinion (or 3rd, if you've already had two!).  Are you already being seen at a major cancer center (preferably NIH-affiliated)?  If not, getting another opinion from a center with lots of experience (esp from a colorectal surgeon, as they tend to see the possibilities in this area more so that the average oncologist) might be an idea to consider.

Good luck, and keep us posted.  Hugs~AA

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I had a RFA on the tip of my liver about two years ago. When I woke up after the procedure I didn't believe they did the procedure. I spent the night over night in the hospital although they called me an out-patient. I never had a reoccurrence in this area. It was painless but a little difficult since the cancer was on the back side of the liver near the right tip. They keep finding something in another area of my liver. Well the CT scan shows something there. Then an ultra-sound was done for a biopsy and counld not locate what the  CT scan had located so no biopsy. Then a pet scan nothing. My CEA less than and no tumor indicator. Yet every three months I do the same thing over and over CT scan - ultra sound- Pet scan. Yet my Oncologist insists there is something there possibly cancer and certainly something but what. This doctor is not the doctor who did the RFA and couple of years ago. I have made the decision that after three bouts with cancer; two colon and one liver over ten years that there would be no more. In truth in my case the treatments were worst than the cancer except for the RFA. The Folfox treatment damaged my liver giving me chirrhois and type 2 diabetes. The damage from the chemo and radiation was been so extensive that I will never do either again. I would however, do another RFA if possible. Every three months I have to go through more fear and preparation for my passing. Is it cancer or something else growing? Cancer always wins even if it never comes back. We always live in fear whether cancer ever returns. No need to worry about the procedure of an RFA in my opinion. But it must get all the cancer and they always take the margins destroying more tissue. If you have cirrhosis damaging tissue is not good. Best of luck Lou

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Thanks for posting.  It sounds like you and me are on the same road.   This coming week on Tuesday, my case will go before the tumor board in Chicago and I am praying that they recommend this treatment.   I do not want to go back to chemo, I feel like a little kid digging my heels in.   My onc in Chicago says that the ablation works well for many of his patients.   Wishing you well.

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I get my treatments in Germany . I come to germany from india for all my treatments though I know many of these I can do in india itself.

am having an mri tomorrow and then the doc will tell me what is the treatment proposed.

though several persons on the  board recommend a second resection I am a bit wary as I currently have only one spot as is seen ion the pet scan and I don't want to have a major liver surgery again !

i looked at all my scans for the past two years and I see that the current met is I the same location as the one where the surgeon had done a resection a year and half ago ! 

I hope it is treated with some sort of ablation .


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