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Lee Christensen
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I was just wondering, Im 3 years post op and the doctor still has me on Reglan. How many others here are still or are on Reglan?

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I am 7 yrs. post-op. I suffered major nausea for years. I still have to be careful how I eat in order to avoid nausea. I could not tolerate Reglan because it caused major 'restless leg syndrome." We really never found any drug that helped with the eating and nausea.

I would be happy to talk to you further about life post-op.



David White

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You should do your research on Reglan.  There have been many reports on the dangers of the drug.  I took Reglan years ago and had no problems.  But several years ago I was having msjot problems with acid reflux and nausea and the specialist talked to me about Reglan.  He even said he didn't like to prescribe it anymore due to the reports that had come out about it.  I declined to use the drug again.

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I was just put on Reglan. Headaches are a side effect, in my case severe migraines! I got one after taking Reglan, 3 out of 5 times. Luckily I had Immitrex available, and I am no longer on Reglan...you know it before my doctor does. I have to call him when the office opens.

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