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Vascular Leak Syndrome

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I'm on the H&N boards, but have been on Taxotere since last May, but had to stop about a month ago due to ongoing Pleural Effusion. I had to have a Puer X catheter inserted and drain fluid from my Pleural space every other day. We know the Taxotere caused this as I have no visible cancer in my lungs and Mediastynal nodes.

Has anyone here had this problem, and did it eventually correct itself when stopping chemo? 



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my catheter was placed when an attemp to perform a chemical pleurodesis failed because the pleura was loculated.  They implanted the pleurX in the largest bubble-like space.  The first week they had to drain it every other day but shortly after the fluid production tapered off and the cath came out at the end of a month.  Mine was placed in a spot that made it difficult for me to care for myself but many patients are able to drain their own.  

It was actually more comfortable to lay on the aside the catheter was in.  

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