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Pencil Style Stool

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Question out there for survivors. I am 3 years out and have had on and off regular bowl movements. Thanks to supplements, I have had regular bowl movements 1-2 times a day. This past week, I noticed that I went from a bit constipated to a couple of pencil style stools and, of course, I am getting worried. While this just may be because of diet (though did not eat anything much out of the ordinary), I wonder if that happens to you at times. Usually, I am normal but this past week has been strange. 



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I get the pencil stools periodically.  I think it's from what I ate but can't pinpoint what exactly does it.  I just had a follow up with anascope and DRE along with a scan and all was well.  My colo rectal surgeon was not concerned about the pencil stools.  If they were always like that I'm sure she would probably look further.  But, I can say that I have had those quite a few times.  I was also somewhat constipated a few of the time also. 

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So good to hear this happens to most of you every once in a while. It's so easy to get caught up in something and let fear take over. Life will never be the same, for the good and the bad. Thank you for your feedback. Means the world to me. Love, Elke

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This still happens to me occasionally--why, I don't know.  All of my follow-up DRE's and scopes show no problems.  I suppose it's possible that the anal canal can occasionally spasm, causing some stenosis, which would cause stools to be thin.  That's just a theory though, and not based on any evidence. 

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Hi Gulamin - I was concerned about my stools being cigar-shaped.  My colorectal surgeon said that many c/o of this.  He said that taking metamucil would take care of it.  In my case, it probably is related to my diet since I have decreased my intake of fiber to reduce the frequency of loose stools.  I chose to live w/it.  I do not think it is a concern.  FYI:  I am AC 3b.  I completed XRT 9/27/13 & the 2 rounds of chemo per protocol.


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I think that as we heal from our treatment, things change.  I feel that as long as I don't have pain or blood in my stool, that things are just shifting around trying to get back to normal - whatever the heck that is. :)

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