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Saying Hello

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  Just wanted to wave hello and introduce myself. My name is Dawn, I'm a stay at home wife and mom. I've been married to my husband for 28 years this August. We have one beautiful daughter, 24 who has spina bifida and lives at home with us. We share our lives with two dogs, one cat and one horse. And now at the age of 48, I find myself with cancer for a second time in my life

  I was originally diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2005. I had a hysterectomy and because the cancer hadn’t advanced to 50 % or greater through the wall, I wasn't given chemo, radiation or meds. So we scheduled this around my 40th birthday and followed up with twice a year paps, which always came back clean. I thought I was very lucky.

  Last September, (Labor day weekend) that luck changed. I had a sore throat off and on for the past three weeks. I was taking aspirin for it and was planning on seeing my doctor that week. That morning I had an overwhelming need to cough up phlegm. I bought up blood with the phlegm, (sorry if that TMI). Well a trip to stat care and I was told I either had a blood clot in my lung or cancer. I sat there hoping for option C or at least a little more tact from this doc. An x-ray latter I was told it was cancer, that nodules had been found in my lungs.

  Cat scans, pet scan and a biopsy later it was confirmed that the uterine cancer I thought was gone had metastasized into both my lungs. The port was placed and I started chemo treatment of carboplatin and taxol in October. Family and friends stepped up and helped with housework, take my daughter and I to our doctor appointments,  and lots of moral support. The biggest help came from my husband, daughter, my best friend and my parents,  and they havent quit yet .

  I had my last chemo treatment Feb 14th . My tumors did responded and have shrunk considerably but are not gone yet. So now I am taking megestrol and tamoxifen, alternating each every three weeks. Then we will do a cat scan in three months and see what effect they had on the tumors.

  I have to admit, I dont have a “warm and cozy” feeling about the side effects from these meds but on the upside, my strength is slowly returning since being off chemo. I'm able to to light housework, climb the basement stairs, go to the grocery store, cook meals and brush out my horse without breathing to heavy these days. I still wear down and walk slowly because my legs are still on the weak side, but it getting better each day.  I'm learning more each day how diet can make a difference and making small changes to help my body fight this. The latest is a juicer, one that emulsifies the entire fruit of veggie.

Well I'd say that’s enough about me. Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you all.


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Hi Dawn

I haven't posted here for a while, but your post did catch my attention. I was diagnosed with a form of uterine cancer called uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) in October 2010 and was told this is more aggressive than the more common adenocarcinoma and so, even though I was staged at 1A following surgery (like you, the tumour had not invaded more than 50 per cent of the uterine wall - in fact, it was a small tumour and invasion was minimal), I was recommended chemotherapy. My oncologist (by the way, I am in London and was treated at UCLH) said a recurrence to the lungs was more likely than to the pelvic area, because it was MMMT. I did the chemo which was, like yours, carboplatin and taxol, ending in April 2011. I had a whole body CT scan then, showing all was clear, and no scans since then - just check ups (physical exams), which are now to be yearly. I think it is really rotten luck for you to get a recurrence beyond the five year mark when you are usually pronounced clear - tells me we always have to be vigiliant, even beyond that time. 

I bought my juicer halfway through the chemo and I am still very keen on juicing - don't know if that has contributed to my being well for over three years. I also have an integrative medicine doctor who prescribes me mistletoe therapy, which may also help. A big influence too has been the book 'Anti Cancer' by David Servan-Schreiber. There are lots of posts on here about diet if you search for them. I am sure other ladies will be along soon to introduce themselves to you. Please keep in touch.

Susan x 

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Hello all the way to London : ) I'm hailing from the stae of Ohio.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when they confirmed it cancer. I wish now they would have done a few rounds of chemo and/or radiation back in 2005, I might not be going through this now, but who can say for sure.

I'm glad to hear your last scan came back clear, I hope its always that way for you Laughing


I've seen that book on amazon, its on my wish list. And I've been trolling around this site, lots of great info here.


Take care,


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Hi Dawn - 

So sorry to hear about your recurrence but glad you found this board. The women here are great.

If you are thinking about making more changes to your diet, I would recommend you consider buying Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin (I recently bought a used copy online for $7). My mom was diagnosed with stage 4b clear cell adenocarinoma last April and is now NED by following the ideas in both this book and the Anti-Cancer book. She also saw a naturopath and takes quite a few supplements. I firmly believe that her ability to beat back the cancer so far was because of her dietary changes and supplements to change her underlying chemistry so the cancer can't take hold anymore. 

Sending you positive thoughts and healing energy. 


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Ho Dawn, I am glad you found us and posted here.  Ugh, rotten luck on the recurrence and to the lungs to boot.  And just 48.  I hate that cancer gets us so young.  It sounds like you are battling things well.  It's wonderful the support system you have.  I have found and re-connected with many friends since my cancer diagnosis. It's overwhelming sometimes how good people are to us.  


This is board is full of smart,smart women. You will find so much good advice here.  I wish you well.  Ask away with any questions you have and keep us posted. A big cyber hug! 

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Thank you all for the warm welcome and book recomendations. I'm looking forward to meeting the other members of this board . One Question what does NED (and other abreviations I've seen on various post) mean?


Take care all,


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I found I had to learn a whole new language when I found out I had cancer. 

NED stands for No Evidence of Disease.  (there is a band called "NED".  They are a group of gynecological onconologists from all over the country) 

DX I have picked up, stands for Diagnosis

I went to a course last year that had a day dedicated to Uterine cancer, and I think I saw the video posted online.  If you are interested please let me know.  I found it very good, a lot I had learned prior to going from the women on this board and from reading, but it had the top doctors in the field speaking on our cancer and the best part meeting other women who had gone through similar experiences.

I am sure there will be other acroynmyms and abreviations that pop up on here that may need explained.

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Double Whammy
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Glad you found us, but so sorry you had to.  I don't know what happened to my welcome post I wrote a couple of days ago. Go figure. 

I'm so sorry you have had a recurrence after such a long period of time.  What a shock.  Do you know what type of uterine cancer you had?  I'm holding positive thoughts that it is slow growing since it took such a long time to show up and it will be responsive to treatments. 

Lots of knowledge and comaraderie here.  You will find support and experience amongst us.


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Hello Suzanne,


Nice to meet you : ) but like you, I'm sorry we're all meeting here on this board.

Its endometrial and slow growing, thank goodness!!

So far, the tumors are responding to treatment and have shrunk considerably since we started back in October. I'm on megestrol and tamoxifen at three week rotations and will have a catscan after 2 or 3 rounds of each. So hopfully we'll here better news by then.


Take care : )


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