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Natural approach along with chemo? link enclosed

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HI Ladies. 

I am seriously considering setting up an appointment at this intergrative wellness center. Do or have any of you used this approach?

I've had carbo/taxol/avastin with about 6 or 7 months remission. avastin for maintenance. recurrence in lymph nodes (May ,2012) one year after surgery. 3 rounds taxol/cistplatin. Doxil kept me stable for ten months. I have had three months of topotecan. Scans yesterday, awaiting those results.

My dr. seems to think we're running out of options. Gemzar and one other if topotecan doesn't work. I have spoke with the doctor at this center. He said he would work with the doctor. Should I decide to remain on chemo he would support that decision although he himself is anti-chemo.

I'm just grasping at straws. I'm 51. I'm too young to die. Also I feel too good to die. 

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Ladies,



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2timothy1 7
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Hi Carla

have you thought about any clinical trials?

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kimberly sue 63
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what about a clinical trial too?

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If Gemzar doesn't help, I'm going  to inquire about the clinical trial next.

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