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Dr. Miguel F Alvelo-Rivera

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Hello - My father had an esophagectomy alomst two years ago at Karmanos in Detroit, Michigan.  His surgery was conducted by Dr. Alvelo-Rivera.  We recently received a letter from Karmanos stating that he is no longer there but they will not provide information as to why or where he went.  Has anyone heard of him joining the teams at your hospitals?  

Very curious.......


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I cannot answer your question, but would you like to email another in Ann Arbor MI, here's a link to his information. http://www.ecaware.org/get-help/regional-contacts/?addressInput=Michigan&radiusSelect=50

I would suggest you talk to your Father about who is now his team, and make sure you are getting the coverage and care he needs for this rare Cancer.

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Dr. Alvelo-Rivera also did my esophagectomy and has moved to Henry Ford working out of both the hospital in Detorit and Bloomfield Hills.  Phone number to reach his is (313) 916-2698.  His secretaries name is Sherry.  I still have problems with strictures and had a recent stretch done by him.



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