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No eating

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My husband has had RCC since November 2011. On January 13, 2012 he had his right kidney removed and the IVC repaired as it had traveled up the IVC and was touching the heart. 7 weeks later they found it had moved into the lungs and was put on Sutent. July of 2013 the right lung was clear and the left lung had shrunk about 50%. January this year we found he how has two on the brain and had gotton one cybernife session completed but before he could go for the second session he has now had a diverticuli rupture and a colostomy places. In 24 days he endured 4 surgeries relating to the first surgery. The first emergency surgery was on February 5th, then on February 15 while in the ER the the incision ruptured sompletely with his intestines on the outside--emergency surgery #2, February 25 due to the infection they did a debris clean on the incision and Mar 3 they had to go back and do a stoma repair.....since these surgeries they past week or so and now being home he can no longer eat. He says when he sees the food or tastes it he wants to throw up...needless to say he is weak and can get no strength to be able to get up and out of bed and I at my wits end knowing what to do or what to expect. Have any of you ran across any helpful ideas as to how to get them to eat and some strength built up or is his body starting to shut down.....any comments would be appreciated I also wanted to mention that he is sleeping most of the time also...can't seem to stay awake....


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I have nothing to suggest but would like to send you and your husband mega hugs for all that you are enduring.

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Sorry that you are having all these issues..  However there is a lot of important info missing.. Where are you..?  What kind of Dr are you seeing..?  Have you called your Dr and told of this current issue..?  He needs nourishment in one form or another... getting him on fluids is a quick help.  There are drugs to help counteract nausea...  Lastly, food can be anything at this point.. ice cream, candy, etc.  He needs something...  is he drinking water..??  Sounds like it is time to get "proper" help...  Let us know more so we can offer more suggestions..

Good Luck..


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Sorry for what your husband and you are going thru. Being sick and in the hospital can do funny things. I had a couple meals of my favorite foods during my IL-2 treatments 6 months ago. I am unable to stomach the thought of ever eating them again.(couldn't even eat them then) I cannot even drink bottled water. Makes me sick. So I'm not surprised with how your husband feels. There are food and calorie supplements like Ensure that might help. Also many get a prescription for Marinol to boast the appetite. Others get the real thing and smoke pot. This is a legitimate use of the substance. Hope he does better. Karma.

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I really have nothing to bring to the table to be of any real help, I just want to extend my thoughts, prayers and cyber hugs to you and your hubby.  I cannot imagine what you must be going thru and the helplessness you must feel.  I'm sorry seems so small in the big scheem of things, but, for what it's worth, I'm so very sorry for your situation.

His body has been thru so much in such a short time that it probably just needs to rest and heal.  Sleep is good, it allows the body to heal.  As long as he's drinking, I wouldn't force the issue of food, if I were you.  Even if only ice chips, something is better than nothing.  Hopefully, his appetite will return before long.    I'm sure he's weak because he sleeps all the time and he sleeps all the time because he's weak, kind of a double edge sword, so to speak.  Once he starts getting some nourishment his strength will slowly return and he won't sleep so much.  Hang in there!  I'll be praying he wakes hungry as a mama bear in winter.

Keep us posted!


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So sorry to hear this about your husband. Honestly, I’m not at all surprised that after all he’s gone through he lost his appetite. Its not even a month yet so I would imagine he needs more time to heal. Like Fox said, get him some Ensure and maybe try some home made chicken broth or soup. I find that when I have no appetite at all (like now just 3 days past surgery) soups like chicken noodle, chicken and rice, etc., do go down pretty well. So maybe try that.

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I'm so sorry that you and your husband are having such a difficult time.  I agree with all the other posts.  Definitely more information is needed for us to better help you.  With the amount that you shared i would definitely be calling the doctor and seeking their advice.  In the interim, I would take his temperature and make sure there isn't something going on re infection post-op.  He definitely must keep having liquids.  Small amounts very often is much more helpful than a huge glass of water sitting in front of him.  You asked specifically for personal experience to increase appetite.  My husband had a problem with not wanting to eat.  He was given a prescription for Megace.  It worked.  That was for when he just had no appetite.  He also had a period of time where he didn't want to eat because everything made him feel nauseated, even commericals on TV.  The doc prescribed a generic form of Compazine.  (a pill).  It also got rid of the nausea and he started wanting food again.  When my husband came home from the hospital I made sure that he kept taking sips of liquids.  Yep, I got annoying.  Oh well.  Dehydration is not a good thing.  I wish the best for you and your husband.  Please let us know how he is doing.

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He has been through so much with the intestines and he is weak and tired and needs rest, but, he also needs nutrition and I would think the docs would put in a feeding tube to help with nutrition and promote healing.  I would certainly call the doc and give them an update that he is not eating or taking in very much of anything and suggest a feeding tube.  This would help him a lot.  Just my thoughts.  My prayers are with you both.

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first of all, I am so sorry about your husband; he has been through a lot in a short time.

i can tell you that my husband lost 30 pounds in 16 days with an intestinal obstruction right after his spinal surgery (a metastasis) and before cyber surgery and nephrectomy.

he is slim so 30'pounds made him emaciated and he would not eat; he also slept a lot. Slowly, he began accepting ensures and regaining his energy; the key was SLOWLY. Of course, watching him was worrisome.

your husband has the brain met so I don't know the impact of that. Focusing solely on no appetite, patience is my thought (easier said than done).



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