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To tan or not tan the belly scars?

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Nana b
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I've been thinking and I need your input.    I'm Heading to sunny Cancun in May and I'm  wondering,  how many here actually tan their scars?  


If so,  can oh share your experties. 

Do the scars appear:


1.  No change color, they stay same color. or tanning lotion keeps them white or unchanged.  

2.  tan the scars, and scars won't be noticeable, they blend in and tan. 

3.  Scars get darker then the tan itself,  they show, but aren't disgusting. 

4. Buy a one piece and hide the dang scars. Lol  

5,.  Who cares, you are a survivor, show the battle.  


Ps:  I  will be In Monterey this week, Tennessee the following two week. we come  back and pack for our Cancun trip.


  Still want  a week on the beach with the kids. Maybe close to Disneyland.   Just do it.,    

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With the scars just do what you are comfortable with. Scars tend to darken more than healthy skin, but as your skin darkens overall you will look better. If you have a chance visit the Maya Pyramids. They are amazing.


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I'm a pasty white Irish girl, I got nothing.  lol  I use sunscreen on top of sunscreen on top of sunscreen.  I say live life the way you want to, you only get one chance!

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and one I'm a professional at!  We live in Hawaii half the time...travel every 6 weeks between SoCal and the Big Island.  At first I applied suntan lotion in a bead along my scar...worried about that new skin.  Now I don't bother.  Scar stays white...even if I'm REALLY tan...which is most of the time.  I wear it proudly...I know what i've been through...and because mine isn't huge I figure most people think it's an appendectomy scar (my little secret)  Go on holiday and brown yourself...my dermotologist worries about me but I tell him it's my one vice and I deserve it Laughing

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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

Thanks.   I use sunscreen but was afraid they would just stay whiter.   Darker would tend to blend with a tan From afar. 


i have that big T scar from my liver resection, and the threes hernias on my belly and stomach and those stomach punctures and belly scars from colorectal surgery, add in two c- sections. Oh my!   It's a Battle field!  Lol. 


My sister in law told me that hers changed from white to the color of her skin naturally. She doesn't sun at all.  Mine are still dark with some area lightening.   

I went to the Mayans 4 years ago, then found out, no more giving blood.  The Mosquitos there carry malaria.   I want to go to the Isle de la Mujers.  Katherine's favorite place before she passed. 

Ill wear a two piece that covers the belly then flip it when I get brave. LMAO 



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Speaking from someone who has had skin cancer, put on the sunblock and don't worry about the scars. 



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Nana b
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I will wear the sun block. 

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My main thought is that no tan is a safe tan. Use sunscreen and be careful! You'll be beautiful in whatever style of suit you wear.




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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

Yes, I haven't tanned in a long time.  The only advantage to tanning scars would be if I didn't have too look at them for awhile. Lol thanks. 

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I burn so bad even with sunblock.  I would not recommend "tanning" without lots of block.  If you feel like wearing a 2-piece - Go for it, just use some block!


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