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A wonderful day fishing.

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jim and i
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Now that  I can post again I wanted to share that Jim finally got his day out fishing. The nurse had said it was ok but only for 30 minutes. I cheated and let him stay an hour. We had to wait for the aid to bathe him so he was impatient to go. He was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.  My brother in law and a fishing buddy of Jim's went along. I left them on the dock and took Tebow for a walk in the woods. Jim skunked them, as usual. It was only a catfish but he had a ball. I was surprised he wasn't wore out for three days but he did pretty well. We were going to try again Sunday but it was to windy.

All in All we are thankful for this blessing. Amonth ago Jim said he probably would never get to fish again but God had more in mind for him. Thanks for hospice too. Without their care and pain management I think another day to fish would have been impossible. Thanks for your prayers,



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As a CSN site admin, we usually try and stay behind the scenes and just make sure everything is running smoothly, but I really wanted to say that I am so glad that Jim got to enjoy another fishing trip! I saw previous posts about how much he loves fishing and how the weather wasn't cooperating. I know he must have thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for updating everyone on his good time!


CSN_Emily Smile

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Not sure if I met you when I was up there....

I'm sure my buddy Greta welcomes the extra hand...



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So glad to hear about the fishing.  Making more memories.  Thank you for sharing.

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So glad that Jim was able to go fishing and had a good time.  I'm sure he's already looking forward to his next fishing trip.


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God is good!!


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Wonderful time for all!!  I am so happy Jim got in another fishing adventure.....


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Jan Trinks
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So glad Jim got to fish and more important that he had a great time.  Hope he get to go again soon.  Prayers still coming.


Jan (Basketcase)

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Glad the fisherman got to show case his skills with his buds....

Saturday was a beautiful day...


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Oh how happy I am to hear that Jim got to go fishing and also got the only fish of the day. It is truly a blessing that we can still enjoy what life we have and do the things we love to do. I am going home in June this year, that will be 3 years that I could not go because of all the problems with the mastoid infection I had, and all I can say is June can’t come fast enough for me.

Happy Fishing Jim

God Bless

Tim Hondo

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jim and i
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Thanks Tim, but don't wish your life away.:} June will be here soon enough.


josh r.
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Debbie and Jim,

Your post is so up-lifting! Caste another line for all of us ! josh r.

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Debbie thanks for letting us know he got to go fishing and had a great time.

Still sending prayers.

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Glad he was able to enjoy the fishing.


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That is very good news.  I do hope he has another chance to do what he likes best.  I do pray that he may continue to maintain and improve as time passes by.

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What a great gift!!  Hope he has a chance to do more fishing. 


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Glad you both had a great time!

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I am so glad to hear this. Hoping there are many fair weather days & fishing opportunities to come.

Thinking of you both.



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Haven't signed on in a few days. So happy to see this news!!!


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