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  Surgery finally scheduled for April 7th barring any complications. I see the Oncologist on the March 19th for follow up then the preop team for my instructions on getting ready then report for surgery on the 7th fingers crossed no more problems. But while looking at Drs notes after last Ct scan they are mentioning enlargement of left lobe of liver and saying its possibly chronic liver disease along with the spots on lungs on of which is 1.0 by 0.7 cm in size. Kinda a rough week had to give my pickup to finance company as no income at this time and couldnt make payment now trying to make arrangements to get the 1965 Corvair back here and prep it so I can drive it as its been sitting for three years.

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great news. Wish you all the success and a speedy recovery. Go Big Red and Go Huskers!


Others on this board have many good pre-and post-surgerory tips, I am sure they will give you few tips.



best of luck



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Consider taking 400 mg of Cimetidin(Tagamet), twice a day. It is over the counter. And there are many studies that it help preventing the spread of cancer during surgery. I took it for 2 more weeks after the surgery. 

Good luck and keep us posted.


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it's a big first step on getting back to better health.  And I hope the car issue can be sorted out.  Very challenging not to have reliable transportation, so I'm happy to hear that you have a possible back-up!


PS the cimetidine/Tagamet (brand name) idea mentioned by Laz is a good one...inexpensive, and may help reduce further spread.  Worth trying!

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I'm sorry you had to give up your truck.




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Its not that big a deal at least I have a backup once I get the Corvair back here and its more fun to drive.

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Wishing youa successful preo for surgery, surgery on 4/7, and fast recovery. Blessings to you.

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News sounds very promising...best of results from Pre-Op and no nasty surprises.  

Please keep us updated.

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Surgery moved ahead they called Friday and said they were moving surgery up to March 26 th but not why i go into preop tomorrow so will see if I can find put then.

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 Preop went good surgery at 11am tomorrow starting prep now and the hard part starts no solid food for awhile bummer no good stuff just fluids until they tell me otherwise. Love the commode right now


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