Arimidex first, now Megace


I've posted here before recently, but for a recap: My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer in 2008. They did a hysterectomy and then chemo and she was cancer free until this August. The onc saw estrogen receptor postiive cells and thought at first that it might be breast cancer. It was instead a recurrence, but the Arimidex seemed to be working until recenly. So it worked for 6 months. The tumors are in her abdomin, and have grown since December. The onc now has her on Megace to see how she reacts to that. If not good, then chemo. Has anybody else here had a similar experience? Did Megace work for you after Arimidex did not? Thanks for any help. 



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    Hi Frank
    I am in a similar

    Hi Frank

    I am in a similar position.  I was on Femara (Letrozole) which is an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex.  It worked for 18 months and the tumours shrunk and then stayed stable.  But I found out earlier this week that the tumour is growing again (it's in my pelvis). I have been switched to Provera (which is a progestin pretty similar to Megace).  I hope it works.  My onc says that if you have a hormone receptive tumour and have responded to one type of hormone, then it is hopeful that you will respond to another.  But chemo is also in the wings for me too.  I hope and pray that your wife and I get a response to these second line hormones.  I do know that there are ladies on this board who have been kept stable on Megace for some considerable time, so I hope they post something.

    Kindest wishes