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Scared and looking for help!

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My heart breaks as I have read all the stories on this site. 

My journey started 8 weeks ago with pelvic pain, back pain, no heavy bleeding but some descent size clots. Went to my GYN that did ca 125 and internal US. CA 125 came back at 85 and ultrasound showed a couple small follicle cyst and a distorded endo stripe. So a ct scan was done that still showed follical cyst, distorded endo stripe and a possible fibroid that's making endo stripe lobulated. A second ca 125 was ran 2 weeks later and numbers now are 205! I'm so scared! GYN sent referral to GYN oncologist and they see me tomorrow AM. I can't sleep or think of anything but this! I'm 40 with 3 daughters and I can't imagine putting them through this. I'm not looking for a diagnosis just some thoughts and opinions or even a similar story to ease my mind.

thanks in advance


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High ca 125's can be caused by many benign conditions such as endometriosis or an inflammation. As hard as it is to stay calm, you really don't know anything yet. There's plenty of time to react once you have a solid diagnosis.

In my case, the CA 125 was 2200 at diagnosis....a lot higher than yours. By the way, bleeding is not usually a symptom of ovarian cancer. Do you feel bloated and have you had a change in bowel habits? Those 2 are more likely connected to the diagnosis.

Let's all hope that your symptoms belong to a benign condition, but if not, come back to this site for support whenever you need it.

Wishing you good news...please let us know what happens!


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So sorry you are having pain.  CA 125 can rise due to many factors - inflammation one of them.   At least you got a CT scan.   The fibroid and cyst can be a contributing factor regarding your CA125.    My thoughts are with you.   I know it is hard not to panic, but your mind can take you to many places worriying.    Take a deep breath.   



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I know how scary it is to be faced with a possible cancer diagnosis but as the other two ladies have said, the chances are good that your symptoms and elevated CA 125 are due to other non-life threatening reasons.  That's good that you are seeing a gyn-oncologist who will get to the bottom of this.  Sending lots of prayers your way for a good outcome.  I know it's hard but try to focus on other things like your family, in the meantime.



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Susan P
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Hi Melissa


the hardest part was not knowing - onece knew for sure & was taking action seeing onc & getting treatment I felt so much better


Simplyif I had OVCA I couldn't change it --and the longer we waited for diag & tx would only allow it to progress & if I had this beast I needed & wanted to start attacking it


My CA 125 was 4,000 May 2012 less than 1 yr later it is 15 & I am cancer free at the moment


Cancer no longerhas to be a death sentence --won't lie toi you-- thements, side effects & surgery are very tough - but doable & worth it


May 14 approx 1 yr aftewr dx I see gyne/onc for her to set rhe follow up wait & see schedule.


Like you with your daughters I have a2yr old & 1 yr old grand daughters who have been worth every ukky day.


if you do have "it" allow yolurself to learn all youcan  knowledge is power & sheds light ion a dark scary subject.

~no amount of worry will change anything~



come back & see us often.  "mind over mattewr games until you know something


Susan P from Alberta Canada & WY& TX


PS - TAKE WHAT YOU SEE ION THE INTERNEt WITH A GRAIN OF SALT IGNORING LOTS  going instead to trusted sites this ONE & American ca ncer society  as well as our Canadian Cancer society

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I am so sorry you are going thru this!  My major word of advise, DO NOT start reading about cancer on the internet.  You will just freak yourself out!  Every woman is different and responds to treatment differently.  I was DX 3C Ovarian in 2009.  I am still here!  God isn't finished with me yet!

This is a great place to talk, vent, get advise.  This site helped me a lot after diagnosis.

Blessings and Strength to you!!

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