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Checking in

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I thought I'd pop in with an update on my latest scan. NED for RCC...yay. It's been 3 1/2 years, give or take, since my diagnosis and everything has been good so far. I had stage 2 grade 3/4 clear cell, highly necrotic, 9 cm tumor on my left kidney, removed in Oct of 2010. On another note, I do need follow up ultrasound next week for a mass on my ovary, and the fact that it appeared as I have a uterus even though it was removed four years ago LOL. Do they grow back?? Anyhow, I am feeling good and continue to move forward. My onc doesn't want to see me anymore. I am really debating whether I should continue with yearly scans through my GP. What really is the guideline for RCC follow up anyhow?

P.S. I do read here every week, I am one of the control alt delete lurkers. You are all like family to me. Much love, Rae

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Rae-Rae. I'll bet insurance coverage is gonna answer that one. Scans are no big deal. Nothing to prepare for and they don't hurt. I think I would want one yearly for ten years anyway. Seems to me that someone here just had a reoccurance after ten years. I apologize to that person as I don't remember who it is. I do remember having just told someone that the good news is that with regular follow ups, their health care needs are more thoroughly checked. This is good. No surprises. That's how I want it. stay well Rae-Rae.

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Congrats on your NED, Rae-Rae!

Good luck with your phantom uterus as well!



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I have my bi-annual scans & bloodwork coming up next week. Used to be 3-4 times a year but my new insurance carrier, Cigna, won't pay for them more than 2x year.

Wishing you the very best with everything. God Bless.

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Hi Rae,

Thanks for pop'n in. I'm with fox, keep going with the scans for at least a few more years, your pathology warrants it. Maybe you could switch to every other year after the five year mark, but its too soon to stop now.

Glad all is going well,


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Good Morning!

Hooray for the good report!  I agree with continued follow-up...my husband went 8 years before mets showed up.

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Thanks for the responses! I think I will continue with yearly scans. I want to add I got a call from my oncologist Friday a.m. he missed something on the radiologists report. It appears as I have some issues in my sigmoid colon as well. He called my gp to set up a colonoscopy asap. My ultrasound is tomorrow, consultation is Monday and colonosopy is next Friday. Will let you know how everything works out.

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Glad to learn your scan was NED=yay!!


Let us know how you are doing and what the ultrasound reveals.

You have the greatest smile, brightens MY day!!!

Be well my virtual friend!

Warmly, Jan

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Unofficial results of the ultrasound: they couldn't find mg ovary, or the mass during transvaginal ultrasound. Pelvic ultrasound showed a uterus. The tech was stumped. Moved on to the tv ultrasound and they now think it's a nabothian cyst. Never heard of it until today. It is very large (about 4 cm) as they are normally under 1cm. It is harmless. That is the unofficial review. Not sure any follow up is needed. I do have to say both ultrasound procedures were very painful. I've never had pain from ultrasound before. It still hurts. Ouch. But good news! One probing procedure done, one to go. And thank you Jan for the nice compliment.

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