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Stivarga (regorafenib) did not work

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After 4 months on the oral med Stivarga (regorafenib), we got the results of Pat's latest CT scan that the drug is not working.  So, he was taken off of it.  He was in the hospital in Jan for 6 days fighting an infection.  A visiting nurse was coming to our home every week to help Pat avoid a return to the hospital.  Unfortunately, 2 days ago, he was sent back to the hospital with a new infection in his leg.  Plus the last infection in his belly button has returned.  Today, Pat was sent for a ultrasound of his kidneys, which really fightens me because his kidneys have not been a issue till now.  But, trying not to get ahead of ourselves until we get results back.  

Pat would still like to find a clinical trial and we will be going back to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia to see what options are offered as soon as he feels up to it.  Things have been pretty difficult the last few months.  Trying to stay positive but somedays it is so hard.


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You've been a wonderfully supportive caregiver.  I hope Pat finds a clinical trial that works.  Best wishes.  

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It seems like so few people have had success with this particular drug.  There are some very promising trials under way, though...have you checked out the Clinical Trials thread at the Colon Club?  Quite a few are listed there, and people who are on them have posted about their experiences.

Keep us updated on how the two of you are doing, and try to take care of yourself a little if you can.  Being a caregiver is such hard work.

Hugs to you both~AA

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I was sorry to hear it didn't work for him. What did his ultrasound show, and have his infections cleared up? I hope you find a clinical trial. I am looking also, but if I can't find one right away I will probably go back on 5fu or something in the meantime.

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Stivarga also did not work for my husband.  He was then put on Zaltrap, which he has since become toxic to.  Then they found a new tumor on his spine.  He has gotten radiation for that, and it has been taken care of.  We too will also be going to Philly for a clinical trial, or at least trying to find one.  Good luck to you and your husband - hope things turn out well for you.



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So sorry the Stivarga did not work.  Dick was on it for maybe 3 days and got very, very sick and was in a lot of pain.  He switched to something else.

This is a very hard road.  I hope you find a trial that brings you hope and works.



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