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MD Anderson

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Will be on my way Friday to Houston for a Monday morning appointment!  Was scheduled for my 1st treatment today but got the 5pm call yesterday for MD.  Will meet Monday, get Lord knows what done to me on Tuesday and meet again Wednesday.  A little anxious! but ready to get this fight started.  Getting my PET put on a disk to take with me..MD is pretty certain insurance won't pay for another PET since this one was just in February.  Nervous!



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Full speed ahead Debbie, you got this!  Insurance usually only pays for scans every certain amount of months (mine is 6 unless it's urgent) so good that you are bringing your disk. 

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You are going to one of the best places. The team there is great. Yes they will run their own tests as least they did for me. I had Anal cancer. It's an overwhelming experience - big place many buildings. Awesome doctors. Let me know which doctors you wind up with. Wishing you the best and another MD Anderson cancer success!


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I will be seeing a Dr. Fogelman, so far Monday I'm scheduled for usual labs and a CT scan, bringing the PET with me.  He works Monday and Wednesday.  Not sure what I'll be doing Tuesday if anything.  I'm anxious to see what they have to say!  I worked with a lady whose doctor told her to go home and call hospice instead she dropped him like a hot potato and called MD.  She had to have a very difficult operation (was 2 recurrance for her) she has to wear two bags now but she is doing great, just went back for a check up and all was great no sign of cancer!  I'm hoping they can get me there as well..

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Lots of experienced docs there, and it's always good to get more eyes on your case.  You never know what they might come up with.

Keep us posted.  AA

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