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Not out of the woods

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Hi Everyone,

 I had my post op appointment today and I found out my tumor was an Angiomyolipoma. They told me that on the phone but all I heard was benign.  Now that they know what it was they want to follow the cyst or tumor in my other kidney because these Angiomyolipomas can grow fast, impair kidney function, and can hemorrage which can be life threatening. I'm not freaked out.  The doctor only told me he wanted to schedule a sonogram in 6 months. I read the other stuff on the Internet. I guess another surgery might be in my future but it wasn't that bad.


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Many of us have ailments that can lead to serious stuff. That does not mean they will. That is the reason for scans to nip any problem in the bud.

Think of high blood pressure and all the problems it can cause if left unchecked and not treated,

Hopefully your doctors can sit down and reassure you instaed of letting google lead you the wrong way.



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thought kidney cancer would expand our vocabulary with such big words? The good news is that we become regularly checked for changes in our bodies. We get to be right on top. Even with potential problems, we catch them early. Good thing. Right? Forever the spin doctor.

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Diana.. hopefully no growth or change in that bugger... But you are now fully experienced in the drill..   I know, not the experience a young pretty lady like you was looking for.....


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Hi Diana,

  Sorry to hear your news but hang in there! You've been strong so far. You are in my prayers.



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Unless I have any symptoms I will not know anything for 6 months or so but yes now I know the drill and I am happy that I decided not to abandon the board when I found out my tumor was benign.


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