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Good News on Brain METS

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As many of you know my sister-in-law Kelly, was diagnosed with MMMT /Carcinoma Sarcoma Stage 3C in September 2012. In January of this year she was diagnosed with brain METS as well as a lymph node in her abdomen and a mass in her chest cavity. In January she had brain surgery followed by cyber knife radiation, In February she had abdominal surgery to remove a large lymph node that was also cancer, at that time the doctor inserted a mesh barrier in her abdomen to protect her from radiation. Last week she had her first scan and no cancer cells at all in the brain. Kelly will start 5 1/2 weeks of radiation for one minute a day five days a week next Monday. The radiation will be for her abdomen. 

Kelly is gaining back some weight she had loss during both surgeries, walking 3 miles most days and doing very well. We give God all the glory and are thankful for all the good days she is currently having. The cyber knife doctor says she will have a scan every 8 weeks from now on.

By the way, her CA125 never went above 8 during this whole episode and her doctor now says that is not a good indicatator for her.

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I am so happy to hear that Kelly is doing so well.  She is quite a fighter.  She is so lucky to have your support.  I hope she does well with her abdominal radiation.  may she continue to gain weight and be able to continue her walking.  In peace and caring.

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Amazing work by surgoens and doctors. You are lucky that you have a great team of specialists looking after you. Can I ask which hospital do you go to?

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More than the hospital it is the surgeon oncologist Dr. Berman in southern California. He is a renowned specialist (MMMT) he teaches at UCLA in Orange County, CA. Kelly is doing very well, 3rd week of radiation, she still walks most days ( just not as far) she has lost weight because her tongue was affected by the brain METS but she us really pushing herself to eat anyway.

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Wonderful  news to report on your sister...do know she was dealing with brain recurrence.  Keep that great health team on board and say lots of prayers which are being answered now.



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