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More on diet and cancer

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This research on eating meat and cheese is worth considering. Thought I would share this with yoyu. More evidence that a plant based diet is best. http://www.foodrevolution.org/blog/study-deadly-as-smoking/

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According to this article, I should have been on a low protein diet the last 10 years.  I was working out with a personal trainer who pushed a 40% protein daily diet.  NOW the local cancer support center is telling me to cut my protein down to 18 ounces per week, that's waaay down from what I used to consume to gain muscle and lose weight. 

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I just completed a 10 day fast. Lent was the inspiration. I did a 7 day cleanse last year. It led me to a plant based diet then and now. Food seems to be addictive. The more of something I eat, the more I crave it. Right now because of the fast my appetite is greatly reduced. I was able to do bikram hot yoga throughout the fast. Fasting has been recommended for health and spiritual reasons for thousands of years. I feel better than before.

Just a suggestion. I used Vibrant Cleanse made Vibrant Health.  Beats squeezing all those lemons!


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I would love to do this. Will I be able to go to work? I am not always able to be near a bathroom. Where did you get the cleanse?

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