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My Fault?

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does anyone blame them selves they got cancer....I have learned so much AFTER I got cancer...where was this info before??  I always had my screenings and exams..that is why we need to educate women to listen to their bodies. I know a lot of woman were misdiagnosed and cancer spread. I did blame myself for a long time...should have lost weight..ate better etc..yet many ladies I know who lived healthy still ended up with cancer. There will always be challanges..but bring it on....stay strong.....Val 


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I had no idea what causes ovarian cancer or what the warning signs were. I am not proud to admit it now, but I asked the GYN at the ER where I was first diagnosed if it could have been caused by using hormonal IUD (Mirena), by multiple sex partners / smoking / drinking / recreational drugs. He smiled and said none of the above, you party girl.

2 months later I was kind of relieved to discover that cancer was hereditary (BRCA1+) passed down from my father's side. At least I didn't have to blame my environment or lifestyle. Can't blame daddy either, he is diseased and had no idea about genetic mutations when he was alive. All I could do was find my long-lost half sister in Russia and warn her about the risk, which I did the day before my hysterectomy.

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Susan P
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I,too have wondered if I contributed to my OvCa always overweight to Obese 5'7"& 225 lbss smoked , drank , partied horrid eating& snacking habits

after reading "anti Cancer & foods that fight cancer.I have to believe- I did put myself at risk- I certainly was not in optimal health for having a great immune system.- in short I was hard on my body plus lots of stress diabling stroke & brain damage in 2002 husbands affair in 1999.


I have no family history of female cancers.


I did not really know or believe at the time how imporetant all theses coponents are to health - but I do now


My last CT showed no evide nce of disease. so now I am trying to eat right - I quit smoking in 2002  lost 40+ lbs due to OVCa



knowing what I know now I am trying to do better* eat an anti inflamatory diet *drink green tea*avoid as much sugar as possible


I can't turn back the clock 
I will never know what factors caused the ov ca & I believe there is just " the luck of the draw" sometimes.

Be interesting to see how many of us were not kind to our bodies



you can't change whathas happened & no amount of worry will change or prevent things


Susan P from Al;berta Canada & TX & WY


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I never thought it was my fault that I got ovarian cancer.  Like Susan, I felt it was the "luck of the draw" and due to circumstances out of my control.  Like many women, I wish though that I had gone to the doctor sooner.  For several months, I was experiencing off and on again pelvic pain that I chalked up to irritable bowel, uterine fibroids or menstrual cramps.  I thank my lucky stars that when I finally when in to see the doctor (actually physican's assistant) for unusual abdominal bloating, she immediately instructed me to get an ultrasound.  That was the beginning of my journey.  Ironically, I knew about the symptoms before being diagnosed but never once thought that it could hit me, probably because none of my relatives had been diagnosed.  Now I talk about my experience, and especially my symptoms, to anyone who wants to hear about it. 


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Hi Val,

I don't blame myself either, BUT I often wish I knew then what I know now. Oh to have had my ovaries removed before the cancer formed. I had no history of OVCA in my family and am BRAC negative, so that option was never suggested. I have a girlfriend whose mother died from OVCA and she elected to have her ovaries removed. Hope you're doing well, dear Val!

                                                 ((((HUGS))))   Maria

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But not for the reason you might think!{I'm lurking again!} I had a "highly regaurded"doctor tell me ALL female cancers are cause by being too fat, especially Ovarian.  Hey Pssssst, Doctor....I DON"T HAVE OVARIAN cancer!  I have uterine cancer.!! A slight smile and shoulder shrug from him and "It's all the same" he says!  Idiot..I left!  I blame myself for general bad health decisions, putting everyone  elses' needs/wants   before simple health checkups, and for letting MEN, i.e. doctors tell me over an  8 year period that my gyno problems{serious enough to have to see a Hemeotologist } were all in my head.  That MILLIONS of women go through menepause without  surgery/meds.  In other words, a pat on the head, there, there, dear, and sit down and shut up!  I blame myself for being stupid, and I'm STILL mad...at me!  Debral

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I've been thin my whole life, BRAC negative and still got OVCA! My ONC says that cancer is either genetic, environmental or just plain bad luck and if there was such a simple answer as to who was more likely to get OVCA/Uterine cancer, then it could be easier to prevent and treat. What an idiot!

                                                                                      ((((HUGS))))   Maria


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I don't think it's your fault that you got cancer.  I too have known very healthy women who ended up with late stage OVCA.

I believe if you are going to get it there is nothing you can do.  Just deal with it when it shows up.

It sucks, but I really do believe God never gives us more than we can handle.


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But after being on this and other boards and realizing how many super healthy women have developed this cancer I let myself off the hook .

Just like the stock answer to back pain is to lose weight well that does not address the fact that I was not overweight when I first had back problems.

I ve also seen many women who have drastically changed their diet in hopes of controlling this disease pass away. Neither me or my doctor believe this will save me so I am going to enjoy the foods I like both the healthy and unhealthy.



               Love !


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I drove myself crazy when first diagnosed trying to figure out if there was something I could have done to bring this cancer on.  I eventually came to the conclusion that if I was guilty of anything.....it was taking my time getting to a good dr.  I was seeing a nurse practitioner at my doctors office.  She was not thorough and attributed all of my symptoms to pre-menopause.  Meanwhile I was barely 40 when symptoms started and she never did simple testing.  Putting me on birth control pills to stop bleeding was a major mistake!!!!  Long story long...lol....I eventually got over feeling that way.  I mean..who really believes that they have a deadly disease!  I was in denial for a long time.  Six years later I still can't believe it happened :(. I wish everyone well, health and prosperity to you all. XOXO


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I ever blamed myself but figured being overweight my whole life probably played a part.  But I was in excellent health.  My primary called me one of her healthiest patients.  The only time my weight was mentioned was by my gym/onc/surgeon who said at our first meeting; we'll deal with your weight later.  He's never mentioned it again.


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