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Almost 23 with Colon Cancer Symptoms.. Need Help/Advice

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Hey im only 22 nearly 23 but iv been getting bad symptoms of Colon Cancer.
Starting 2-3 years ago I was getting fatigued from basically nothing (Im as active as they come and Im a Personal Trainer Full Time), all through my legs was the worst and after even a 1km run it takes me 3-4 days to feel better even after stretch and eating properly and then to add to this I had a couple fainting spells 2 years ago where i went and got blood tests done and nothing showed up as a problem... not long after this i started to get blood on the toliet paper and at the time i just thought i pushed to hard or something but then couple months after that it became a weekly thing and then in the last year it actually started to fill base of the bowl with blood and most the time no poo even came out this was fortnightly but then just in the last couple weeks when work has been more stressful and working longer hours its become a daily thing and 3-4 times i go to the toliet and 3/4 times its just blood and no poo!

I need advice - Please help


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Hi, I am so sorry for these symptoms that cause you worry and anxiety. Although some symptoms of colon cancer are similar to those of anal cancer, many are also different. Do NOT jump to any conclusions as there are other things that can cause bleeding. That being said, I strongly recommend getting in to see a doctor again as soon as possible before a minor problem becomes more serious. Daily bleeding such as this is not normal and you need to find the reason for such. 

Many people put off going in due to embarrasment or financial concerns, but there are treatable health conditions that if taken care of early on quickly become a thing of the past, but if left to fester, eventually consume your days.

You may also wish to seek advice on the colo-rectal board.

You are young and sound otherwise healthy and my guess is this can be treated with success.

Please keep us posted, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I'm currently being checked for anal cancer (have surgery in 4 weeks) and all I can say is you really should get checked out by your doctor. I know it can be scary but nobody on here can tell you whether or not you have anything seriously wrong.

When I first referred to my surgeon, I was thrilled to find out I couldn't get in for 4 weeks. Figured I could avoid it a bit longer. Only problem was that I sat around for 4 weeks, stressing out and consulting Dr. Google (horrible thing to do ; ) 

Avoiding getting checked out properly just means your stress and worry lingers. Please go to your doctor. It could turn out to be something simple and treatable. You don't want months more worrying.

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I'm very sorry to hear of your symptoms and I must echo the advice you've already been given.  Please do not delay in seeing your doctor.  Your issues could be from a totally benign source, but you need to know for sure and putting off an appointment is not going to make them go away, regardless.  I was in the best shape of my life, or so I thought, when I was blindsided by this diagnosis.  I am a a runner and strength train twice a week and thought my bleeding symptoms couldn't possibly be anything serious.  I am now a 5 1/2 year survivor of anal cancer--only because I was fortunate enough to get a correct diagnosis before my disease was in an advanced stage.  Please get checked out as soon as possible.  I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.  Please let us know what you find out.  I send you best wishes.


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I had blood like you mention in the 90's when I was woking out a lot --- it turned out to be a fistula, and very fixable.  I saw my PCP about the problem and he referred me to a surgeon, it was a very minor procedure.  Good Luck!  There are other conditions that could cause your symptoms ... I love it that you are a PT, stay active!

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