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March Check In

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Glad to be done
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Hello Ladies...  It is hard to believe it is March already.  I don't know anybody else but i have had it with snow.  The snow doesnt bother me as much as the cold....   Today is sunny and it suppossed to be 45.  Compared to how it has been 45 is a heatwave. 

I am taking a trip back home to see my friends.  I miss them so much.  I am going the first weekend in April.  Leaving Thursday after work and returning Monday at dinner time.  I got an excellent price on plane tickets.  I just want to sit and chill with my friends and catch up.  Sit around in our yoga pants having a cup of coffee when we were supposed to be exercising.  lol...

How is everyone this month.  I have my next check up in April.


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like everyone else, we've had a harsh winter and I am looking forward to signs of spring (none yet).

I'm heading to Arizona for a week of sun and warm weather mid-month and when I come home, it's bloodwork time...I may be working on a recurrence, so I'll be particularly anxious about that damn number, but til then...I'm in denial mode and will enjoy life as best I can.

Hope everyone is well!


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I wish we could take some of your snow for California.  This whole winter, we've had very little rain and snow and are in water conservation mode.  Usually in April or May, my husband plants a whole bunch of impatiens or other summer flowers but not this year.  They drink too much of our precious water.  Today was a beautiful day, close to 70 degrees.  We had lunch in one of our favorite restaurants and I noticed several people in shorts.  Susan, I hope you get good results from your next CA 125.

Wishing the best for everyone!


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Eileen and Susan - enjoy your vacations! You deserve R&R.

Kelly - if you need snow in Cali, let me know. Below view from my balcony.


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Sounds like just what the doctor would order. I hope you have a wonderful time. This winter has been endless and we're expecting another 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow! California girls come and get it!

                                                        (((((HUGS))))   Maria

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just coming out of chemo fog...lasted a week or better. Ca125 was 16 .8. Next one end of April. Hope warm weather comes real soon. I want to sit on my patio or go for a ride with the top down. Like Maria...we have a a storm advisory starting tonight...possibly foot of snow. Going for blood work soon..then home. Today it is 49 degrees ..washed a window and heard birdies. Simple things is life make me happy. Hoping you all have a great day and enjoy.....Val 

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Looks like many of you will be able to have some 'me time'.  Enjoy to the fullest!  We are also expecting 6-12" - YUK!  Means it will be fun driving to work tomorrow.  It truly does look pretty when it's softly falling, and I'm tucked inside nice and warm.  But I have had my fill of cold and snow for a very long time.  Also always concerned about everyone's safety.  Looking forward to being able to start digging in my garden, smell the spring air, play outside with our Grandsons, and lots, lots more.  Only 3 more radiation treatments and I am done!!!!

Love and hugs to you all!


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Oh, Val... CA's of 16!!!! Way to go, girl and congrats, Monika on getting to home stretch of those radiation treatments.      (((((HUGS)))))   Maria

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I am on Carbo / gemzar and this month it has gone from 191 to 145, the best news I've had in a long time. I will probably stay on this chemo combo as long as it continues to be effective.

I am expecting my fourth grandaughter in June and as this treatment make me very tired she will have an ample supply of baby blankets because that is about all I can accomplish these days. But it makes me happy picturing her sweet self cuddled-up in my creations



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I'm still here.  Doing very well.  Just monitoring my numbers as they slowly (thankfully) rise, currently 67.  I go on Facebook more because it seems easier.  I am on my kindle all the time.  I could not post on this site with my old kindle for whatever reason.  I just tried with my new one and, success!  Now I can come here more.  Facebook is very hectic and so many people.  They all seem to have an agenda.  When I clicked on this post I immediately saw all your familiar and lovely faces.  I felt like I came home.



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Hellooooo all you lovely ladies I'm here. The weather here in London has been mad - rain rain rain floods winds but mild - bonkers!!! 

I am doing well from an ovca perspective although I saw onc last week because I found a lump in my left abdomen about the size & shape of an egg - thankfully turned out to be muscular - a left over from my mastectomy DIEP flap recon last oct & it's settled now -phweeeeeew  :)) 

however I have been in a bit of a state with my gallbladder - I've never had gallbladder problems before last December when I had a very nasty attack of cholycyctitis ( I have never ever experienced pain like it) along with jaundice which necessitated an 8 day stay In Hospital on antibiotics IV - I almost died!!!!!!! How ironic!!!!!!!!! Anyway I was ok  & pain free after this but had to have cholycystectomy which I really didn't want (more surgery, scarring etc etc) but I had this done laprascopically last Friday and my gallbladder was found to be full of pus so it was lucky I had it removed. Since op tho I have been in constant pain (wtf??!!) and even admitted bsck into hospital for CT scan to check I didn't have bowel perforation from surgery - thankfully scan was normal in fact all looked really good but bloods showed infection somewhere with CRP of 120 it should b 10 or below. So back on antibiotics for 7 days seeing doc on Tuesday or before if things go downhill - I am NOT a happy bunny :((((. Anyway moan ova. Love & hugs to you all.


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WHY can't I get my pic round the right way lol??!! 

wholfmeister's picture
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You nearly die and all you complain about is an upside down photo!

it is your trademark! I love it.

i hate that you have been so sick, though. Wishing you speedy recovery.

childofthestars's picture
Posts: 250
Joined: Jan 2011

If I didn't laugh................! 

I think that goes for all of us ladies :))) 

(still in pain tho - this is waaaaaay worse than recovery from debulking surgery grrrrr)

hugs ((()))



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kimberly sue 63
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Woke up today with a dusting of snow. Work roads icy and at least 4-5 accidents slowing the commute.I had my March check up today.  In the last 2 months my CA125 has doubled going to a 10. I had CT and ultrasound which showed no disease. Today, I had another appointment and my CA125 doubled to a 20. Still normal but concerning. My oncologist said not to worry...easier said than done. I will recheck in 2 months. if it continues to climb the plan is intraperitoneal chemo. Lets hope no more rise!!! I feel great. Kim

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2timothy1 7
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Its been a long winter! Expecting snow agin this weekend in Ky. Hopefully this will be the last one of the season.  However , I did get a short break last week in Fl, staying at a friends house. Left 82 degrees , returned to 32, UGH.

As far as OVCA, I'm still on the PARP trial even though ca125 has risen to 116. Higher than that actually, I didn't even ask last visit how much it had risen. I stay on this trial until something shows on the ct scan. I feel good and consider myself blessed to have been on this trial since April 2013. 

Just have to wait and see what the next step is once something shows on the scan. Maybe chemo, maybe another trial, maybe wait a while. Who knows? Just gonna enjoy the sunshine for today!




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In my previous post I said I am expecting my fourth grandaughter.

Wrong she will make number five.

Who did I forget to count ? I can't imagine because they are all so different from each other and totally unforgettable !

I just had to set the record straight.


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