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2 year diagnosis

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Hearty Pioneer
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Joined: Apr 2013

Two years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at my local hospital ER room. My husband cried. I was was glad there was a reason for all my symptoms. It made sense to me. What a journey the past two years has been.


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here's to the next 2 years, and the next and the next....

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My husband cried too upon learning the diagnosis.  A lot of his fear and dread had to do with the fact that he lost his mother to ovarian cancer six years prior.  Wishing you many, many more years with your husband and family!


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My 2 years will be on May 3rd. Alone at the local ER. Husband didn't show up. No one cried.

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I am sending you a heart-felt hug right now. Sometimes the love and support we expect to get from famiy comes from friends and work colleagues. I read your posts to scared peple and I admire how you find just the right words to  help them -- always with compassion.  May it flow back to you.


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Here's to many more! I'll be an 8 year survivor in May :)         (((((HUGS)))))   Maria

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So many of you wonderful ladies - ALL survivors.  Let's celebrate our survivorship today and everyday, no matter when your anniversary rolls around.  My 14-year anniversary will be this March 28!!!





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and we a a bond like no other. Me..going on five years .stay warm and safe tonight and remember somebody cares.....Val 


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Hearty Pioneer
Posts: 157
Joined: Apr 2013

Thank you all for your kind words! Also, for posting your years of survivorship, it always gives me strength to hear how long each of you have survived. 

Blessings to you all!

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Glad to be done
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Awesome news. My two year was January 20th

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Congrats!  I will be 5 years out in April.  When I was dx my parents were as shocked as I was, since I was only 30 years old!  It has become my mission in life to educate young women.  I talk to everyone I can.  If I can save one life it will be worth it!


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