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This my last week of radation.   Done 2 round of chemo and going on my 6 week of radation.  The doctor assistant says they dont check see if the cancer gone away until 3 months from now does that sound right?  The radiation doctors say the chemo doctor order a pet scan or ct until about 12 wk afterward.  Also going in my 6 wks I am unable to urinate, my whole  pelvic area is swollen and pealing.  Now I start new sympton I urinate blood and pass blood from my anal area eventhough I have a temp cholestomy bag just wandering if I should be alarm or if natural considering I am going in my 6 wk of radation it just start this week.  I have been doing so well I have been going to radation by my self the whole time and made it through chemo without to many side effects.  Just concerned about the bleeding when I pee and passing blood from my anal area is it a side effect? Any help would be appreciated.

Thansk Tbuchi

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Wow, your almost to the finish line, how exciting! As far as follow-up CT or PET scans go, it really seems to vary depending on your doctor, facility, and insurance. I did have a CT scan at 3months and a PET scan at 1year post treatment. The problem with scanning too soon can be that even scarred and inflamed skin can look like a problem area when infact it may not be.

I had swelling, burnt, and peeling skin in the pelvic area as well. It healed pretty quick after finishing radiation, though 3yrs later do still have some lymphadema in that area.

I was able to urinate throughout, though did have some occasional lightly blood tinged urine at times, and in fact still do. I was treated twice during treatment for urinary tract infections, so that is a possibility for bleeding.

I had/have (its permanent) a colostomy as well and also had occasional light bleeding from the anal area. Just to clarify, the bleeding was not heavy my any means, but even now I still have occasional bleeding. The ostomy surgery, (if you still have your anus as you do) does not stop your body from producing mucus in that area. This mucus can even become firm like a plug and sometimes irritates the raw radiated skin when it passes and this can contribute to bleeding.

Please write all these things down so you remember to run them past your doctor as heavy bleeding could be of concern. Just remember that your body has been harshly burned in a very sensitive area and the side effects are different for all and will take time to heal. Stay well hydrated to help with the urine, and eat protien like greek yogurt to help repair skin.

We'll be cheering for you as you sail through the final stretch of treatment!

Be well.

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You are in a rough part of this journey right now, but stay strong!  While we might assume that as soon as we get that last radiation treatment, things will be much better, it is SO not the case.  However, in a few days, you will begin to feel better and see some small improvements, so hang on to that!  As for the blood in your urine and the anal bleeding, be sure your doctor knows about this.  It could be something as simple as an infection in your urinary tract, but they need to know.  I'm glad you have been doing pretty well through all of this and I hope you will continue on a forward path to full recovery!

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You are almost done! That is great. I would talk to your doctor about bleeding. Seems there is a wide variety of reactions from treatment. Hang in there!

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Counting down is such a good feeling! Not long now and the healing will start. You'll be surprised at how quickly it happens.

As for rhe bleeding,  just make sure you mention it to your doctor. It could be something minor but needs addressing. 

We're all with you on your final lap

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You are almost done! That is terrific! I believe waiting 12 weeks to have the scan is the stardard of care. My oncologist told me that the treatment keeps working for many weeks after completion and that is why the wait.

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