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CT Scan today

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 Well VA moving ahead quickly now. I saw onc weds and she asked about bowel movements and got concerned when I said it had been couple days and prescribed medicine for that. Then called yesterday and said Inwas to be admitted on Monday in prep for surgery after talking to surgeon. Then they called this Morning and had me go in this afternoon for CT Scan. probaly know more Monday. Also supposed to see pulmanary specialist and get function test for lungs.

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I hope you feel well enough to enjoy he weekend with you wife!   Next week will be here soon enough!

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Let us know how you're doing. Keep us up to date. I'll be thinking of you.


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Sounds like things are moving fast and that is wonderful.  Hope things turn out well.  Glad that you are getting taken care of.


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 Medicines they gave me must have worked no signs of obstruction so no need to be admitted yet for surgery and they are still talking about the options yet. Passed Pulmonary function test so good in that area.

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Keep us posted on how things are going!


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