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Update on Craig's pain surgery

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The following is from Kim, Craig's wife:

I wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and support. He is home and resting. It may take up to 10 days before we know if it worked.
Marie if you want to let CSN friends know please feel free to share with them. I know some of them may want to know.

Let's all offer our best vibes, etc to Craig that he gets great pain relief soonest.


Marie who loves kitties

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Good thoughts and hopes of relief.


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Thanks for the update.I hope the surgery works,and the healing goes well.I will keep up the prayers,and send good vibes.

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I've not been on the board much, but wanted to say I'm glad he's home and all is over with.  Praying that it worked and he will be relieved of pain that has been so burdensome on him.  He deserves som relief.  Hope his recovery is short and successful.


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Now I  am confused. These days it takes very little to confuse me. I thought this surgery was the spleen removal & the pain surgery was upcoming? Or did I miss the spleen surgery.

In any case, I hope he heals rapidly & will be back amongst us soon.



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You have had a lot going on in your own life.

Spleen surgery was done and he had come home from that.

Friday's was an outpatient surgery to do a pain block to help relieve or eliminate the pain he has from the lung tumor.

Hard to keep up on the latest with all the folks.

Did you get your insurance stuff all figured out?


Marie who loves kitties

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I'm so glad he got home. Just hoping he will be feeling much better soon!




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It's good to here Craig is home. He will stay in my prayers.



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We're all anxious to hear the results.  I'm glad he's home resting.

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