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Chef Daddy Mike

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I had a text massage for Mile last week saying he just got out of the hospital again. This time they told him that he has advance emphysema, not good at all. But he did give me some very good news. He said that he rededicated his life to God, His will be done. I was so very happy to hear that I almost cried, he is a very wonderful guy and I will always keep him in my prayers. I have been trying to contact him again this week but as of right now he has not sent back any text. The reason I text a lot now is because you can't understand what I am saying on a phone anymore, voice is shot. Thank God for texting


Thanks everyone

Tim Hondo

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Thank you for keeping in touch (text) with Mike.  Glad he is out of the hospital, not glad about the condition.  Maybe new diagnosis and medicine will help him keep well.  So thankful he has rededicated his life to Christ.  Hopefully he will find a strong church family to get connected with.

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Tim, thanks a bunch for keeping us in the loop with Chef and others. As usual, prayers are headed out from my family to you and your family and the others that you try so hard to keep us connected to. 

Stay strong brother!!

How far do you live from New Orleans? I'm going to be there from 3-30/4-6


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jim and i
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Thank you Hondo for the update on Mike. He is in my heart alot as you are. I pray they can control his emphesema. I celebrate his rededication to Christ and pray he feels His guiding hand on him. You are in my prayers as well.

My son is adding me to his phone plan so I can text him. It is also to help me with finances.


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thank you for keeping us up on Mike.  He and his daughter are always in my thots and prayers.   Please let Mike know that we are praying for them.  its wonderful that Mike has rededicated his life to Christ. take care, Tim.

God bless you,


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For Mike's decision.  I honestly do not know how people go through this without belief in a higher power and a greater purpose for all of this.

Jim has advanced COPD, also, and lots of medication and four breathing treatments a day still do miracles for him.  Hoping Mike gets with a good pulmonalogist for guidance.  You can live many productive years with even advanced COPD with the right treatment and attitude.

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