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Scan results...:-(

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Here's the lastest. I meet with a Vascular and Interventional radiologist today to discuss radioembolization for the 20 or so cancer spots I have on my liver. He also addressed doing chemoembolization for the large tumor I now have on my adrenal gland.  Today I found out that my cancer is no loger respoding to to traditional chemo and this is one of my last options, ugh!  This never gets easy!  This is also the first time a doctor discussed time and this guy gives my 6 mo to a year, depending on my treatment.  The first portion of my treatment starts this Monday. I'll keep you all posted. Peace...


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What about some 2nd opinions?

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im sorry about this news i thought you were doing good i must have missed a post or two.this journey has really been a roller coaster ride gone bad.i will add you to my list of prayers,,,,Godbless,,,johnnybegood

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I'm having a tough time getting over the amount of tumors in my liver, not sure how they are going to keep all of them at bay.  I'm confident im my staff.  I"ve have had 2 Oncolgists in the course of 9 1/4 years and my current Oncologist is aces! 

I'm coming to grips with reality and I'll handle it the best I can. 

I'll keep you posted...


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Do they do the HAI pump at your hospital?  I have seen others with pretty extensive liver involvement get good results from that procedure.

Your almost-ten year run puts you in a very select club.  I really hope your doctor is wrong and that you continue to be a member for much longer.

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Buster, your attitude in this difficult times speaks loudly of your faith and spirtuality.

I'm praying with you my friend. That the cancer STOPS and you live way longer than any prediction from a doc. And that you continue to grow in faith and peace.



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Prayers that whatever treatment options remain will work wonders and give you much more time than your doctor stated.

Marie who loves kitties

Cathleen Mary
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Prayers that you won't need another option....that this one will be enough.  Wishing you a lot more time than you are expecting.


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this cancer ride is not easy. Many highs and lows, but there is always hope. Do not give up hope. Make your decision and stick with it.

glad to hear you trust your team. One day at a time.

hugs, Marjan

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I am sorry Buster. This is such heartbreaking news. It seems as though most of us long time stage IV survivors are hitting a wall around the 8/9 year mark. Keep fighting. That is all we can do.

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someone once said this and I intend to hang onto it forever!


"We fight cause that is just what we do!"


Praying for you Buster.


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What a lot to take in...I will keep you in my thoughts as you navigate this very rocky road.  Keep us updated as you can.  Art

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Sorry to hear that things are not progressing well.  You have been on the board a long time and I've followed you since I've joined.  You are a fighter and I'm praying that maybe a new drug might help you.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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I hope they're able to do something with the liver tumors. This disease really sucks!

Keep staying positive! You can do this!


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No sage advice to offer, just my heartfelt best wishes and my hope that they come up with something new ,effective with no bad side effects. Ron.

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I'm sorry about the scan results.  I hope that your new treatment is helpful and not too trying.  Thinking of you.

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