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Surgery Tomorrow

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My apologoies to the group for being missing in action.....that's how bad the pain is right now, just crippling and I'm mostly in bed all day, it's been a bad scene.

The pain pils dull the pain but cannot get me on my feet for long, just enough to do what what I gotta do....then take the pressure off by laying down. Pills and patches numb some, now it's even hard to lay down without alot of pain. And the doses just keep going up with no relief in sight.

My pain mgmgt doctor and I have been talking about a nerve block surgery to help with the pain.  It may work, or may not. 

A solution is injected through a CT scan so they can follow the path to the lung nerves where I hurt so badly.  The solution is supposed to kill the nerves it is administerd to from the injection.  Relief might be immediate or twka e a couple of weeks to work.  And we're hoping it does help.

Complications of course, but we'll figure it will go as planned......this is no way to live for any one with the pain.  Jus bad lung tumor location.

So, maybe this surgery will help to get me back up on my feet and back on the board some.  What I'm hoping for.  24-7 pain for these past 7-months.....I'm out of my mind with pain.

In fact, gotta go lay down, but just wanted to reach out and post quickly.  Surgery at 7-am tomorrow. 

Here's to success!

Thanks for keeping a watch out over me.  Miss you guys very much!


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at 7 am tomorrow, hoping and praying you get immediate relief.  Thanks for the update :-)

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a positive healing.


It is time to muster up your inner Billy!   Keep up the good fight!


Best Always,   mike 

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Craig...get your butt better!

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for letting us know whats been going on im so sorry you are in this bad pain we all do miss you so get that surgery done if thats what it takes will be sending prayers out to you my friend...Godbless..johnnybegood

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I am sending loving and healing thoughts your way.  I have missed you so very much and it is my fervent prayer that this surgery tomorrow bring you some relief from your pain.




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I hope the surgery goes well,and works for you.Thanks for keeping us posted.I will keep praying for you.Good luck.

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Lots of prayers and hopes that you get some well deserved relief.

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Craig, wiishng you all the best and I hope your surgeon finds the spot that gives you the relief you are seeking.  Peace....



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Craig, I'm so sorry you are battling persistent pain. I pray that  the surgery is successful, that pain management is successful, and that you are able to enjoy life. Love and light to you my friend. 


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all the very very best there boyo.......good luck and prayer.......


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I really do hope that it provides some kind of relief for me....it's really nice to see those all those faces I miss so dearly.  You get to be in pain so long, it becomes normal and you can't remember anything else.

Thanks for stopping by to see me.  Just wanted to keep you close and update you personally while I could, it's important.

Keep the light on for me:)


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praying for you today.  That the surgery is successful and recovery fast. And that you are home soon with no pain.

Good to hear from you again pre-surgery.



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I will be thinking about you and sending you best wishes all day tomorrow... please post and let us know whenever you have time after your surgery.


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Good luck Craig.  I am so hoping that this surgery helps to turn things around for you.  Will be thinking of you tomorrow.  Please update us when you can.

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My prayers are with you and for success with this surgery to give you pain relief.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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for your pain relief.  





Cathleen Mary
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Craig, I am so sorry these past months have been so difficult. Know that you have been missed! I will think of you often tomorrow and pray for a good outcome. We need you back!



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As well as the other 49 states & all over the world where you have many friends. Just so sorry you are having to endure this non-stop pain. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as well as all the other days. As you know, this surgery is doable, if not a tough one but I know you will okay. We wouldn't have it any other way. It seems that you & JBG are having a "surgery" competition. When you are healed from this, I certainly hope the pain doc can get your pain under control.



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I hope this works really, really well for you And you get pain free!!!! I'm excited they can try something to alleviate the pain!!

I really have been missing seeing your Lion and look forward to having you back more consistently!

I've got the light on here in Santa Cruz for you.

Here's to a successful surgery

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so strong you are Craig. Seven months pain , I cannot imagine .

wishing and hoping that this is the answer, and it will end the pain. We so miss you on here. You be in my thoughts through the day tomorrow.

hugs and love, Marjan

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Craig you are in my parayers every morning. I am praying that this surgery will be successful and you get instant relief so you can get some QOL back.

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is coming your way.  What a terrible situation.  Chronic pain at this level is just unbearable.  I'll be thinking about you all day today as you go thorough this procedure.

Lots o' love~AA

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Light is on and thoughts of successful procedure as well relief from the incessant pain beaming your way.



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Nana b
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The candle is burning for you, hang in there...  You have a lot of friends here wiating to hear the good news. 

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 I really hope this helps so you can get some quality rest without the pain. Best wishes from our household

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Praying that it helps with the pain - so sorry Craig. 

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Hope all is well with you as you heal and this procedure brings you comfort.  

Keeping you in my prayers. 


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