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Lupron Effectivity?

Milton Brady
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I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in Dec. '09.  I had 40 external beam radiation treatments and Lupron Depot shots for 2 years and then I stopped them.  Two years later, PSA is back up and I restarted the Lupron shots last January.  Urologist told me that they are normally only effective for 1-1/2 to 2 years and then the cancer will mutate and no longer need testosterone to exist.  I'd be interested in hearing from others about their experiences with Lupron.


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You can read many threads in this forum with the experiences of patients using Lupron. In my case I have used a similar drug named Eligard that is equally made of leuprolide.

I do not know details of your status or the reason for the comment of your urologist with regards to the period of effectiveness of Lupron treatment, but the “1-1/2 to 2 years” period of effectiveness is incorrect. It could be shorter or last more than ten years. It depends on the type of cells of that particular patient. Some types are highly dependent of androgens while others are aggressive and produce own androgens to survive. You can read details in this link;

Let us know more about your case so that we may help you to understand more facts about HT.

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VGama  Wink

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Excellent post VGama.

There's a lot going on now in genetics of the cancer from RP or biopsy to individualize treatments. Some men get a 6 month androgen ablation and that's it, no more problems. Others have surgery, radiation and HT and still have problems. Its a stretch for a doc to say "Lupron is only good for xxx time" unless he knows the patient's cancer DNA.

I hate the way some docs treat us all as cookies cause they only have one cookie cutter in their bag, Prostate cancer has many enemies including just plain diet and lifestyle changes. I can't wait for the local docs to discover genetics.






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