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Informing relatives and children

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Hopefully this is the right place.

I have been diagnosed advanced Prostate Cancer.  Currently I am responding well with no side effects to the treatment.  My quality of life is excellent.

I have told five friends and family members including my wife. 

Becaouse my qulaity of life is currently excellent and the treatment does not impact my day to day activities, I have not told three of the four most dearest people to me.

My dad - 82 and in excellent helath.

My two girls 17 and 14.


I am just looking for some advice on how and when to speak with them.


My intent is to hold off until treatments and our symptons make it necessary to tell them.  


Thanks for any advice.


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Only you can make the decision to tell or not tell. when my husband was dx with stage 4 colon cancer, he elected not to keep it private. we told close family and friends and even had it announced in church. His circumstances were different, though. We knew that the odds for survival were against him. That said, I personally feel that the more open we are, the more we take the stigma, fear, or power away from cancer. Once it was a death sentence. That's not true any more and certainly doesn't sound like that is the case for you. Interestingly, once people in our church began hearing about my husband's cancer and battle, others began sharing their stories and asking for prayers. One person walked in Relay for Life for the first time as a survivor after she had kept her cancer survival a secret for many years. Cancer doesn't have to be a secret, but just like any other medical condition, it can be private. That is up to you. Fay

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My children were 26 and 22 when their mother was diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer. We told them immediately. They needed to know so they could assist when asked and re-prioritize to make sure their mother was taken care of emotionally. I am glad we did.

It is up to you how you handle it, your children's ability to cope, etc.



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