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I got my pathology report, not too bad

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Only way it could have been better is if the tumor was benign, alas it wasn't. Final determination was RCC clear cell pT1aNxMx, G2. So not all that bad, pathologist did comment that the tumor came within 0.1 mm of parenchymal margins in several foci. Guess that means the doc cut it real close huh? So now all that they want me to do is get ct scans in 3 months then every 6 months for awhile. I'm ok with that for now. Thanks for letting me ramble on.

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Glad to hear they got it early. That must be a great feeling. Enjoy!

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DS, good stuff..!!  Time to heal and move forward..!


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the Karma DS.

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congrats on ur path report!!!

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Skagway Jack
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Thats great news.  Mine was similar only grade 3.  I had my first scan last week.  Congrats.

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Sounds good :)

I hope you are feeling well.

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Almost like winning the lottery...NOT!

Do the happy dance and celebrate with pizza and beer anyway, you deserve it.

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Yes they aren't often benign but that's a great report congrats..I asked my surgeon why no chemotherapy(not that I want it).He said that effective chemo treament for kidney cancer has not been developed and that recurrance odds are low..Did anyone else asked and did ou hear the same?


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1) there is no effective adjuvant theorpy.  That is, nothing given to kill off any remaining cancer cells has been shown to reduce the risk of recurrance.  In addition, with targeted theopies, the adjuvant approach may actually hurt the long term prognosis.  That is because the cancer often evolves to render the targeted theopy ineffective.  What happens is the adjuvant theopy may delay the initial recurrance a little, but when it comes back, it can't be treated, and the patient dies sooner.

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That's a great report.  Time to relax and just enjoy life. 

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