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results of ct scan of lungs and neck

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just got results of cat scan.  lungs look fine.  there is a node in the neck that the doctor wants to f/u on so instead of seeing me in June, i have to have another scan in May, then see him right after.  darn, that means another IV and blood draw.  damn.  the doc said he's not too worried about the node but wants to be safe, thus the scan in may.  damn, does cancer ever really leave us alone once it has touched our lives?  this has been going on since August, 2009!!  I'm ready to be able to completely STOP thinking about cancer and f/u visits!  this **** really gets old.  I know, I'm borrowing trouble when there may not be any and I'm being a big baby, but if you know me, you know i can take just about anything but NEEDLES!!  now i will worry about the IV until the test is over in May, b/c that's how bad my fear of IVs really is, i'm not kidding.  ok, i'm done complaining and crying.  and then i think of our wonderful friend, Nick Fama, and i have no choice but to be thankful for where I'm at so I put  on my big girl panties and go forward.  thanks for listening.

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After all that we have been through, a needle!  You can do it.  It is better to have things checked out than have the wait linger longer.  Ask for a pediatric needle.  They had a horrible time getting my veins at the end of chemo.  If I was going in the next day for hydration they would just leave the IV in and tape me up.

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I agree with KT...ask for the smaller needle.  Most of us have problems with IV's and draws after doctoring for so long.  I absolutely agree with your sentiments and feelings on f/u visits.  I'm so happy to hear your lungs are clear !  (wonderful news !)   I just recently heard about Nick.  Words can't describe how I feel about this.  So I won't try, other than I will pray very hard for him and his family. 

We have to continue to stay moving ahead and living to the best of our ability and not allow cancer to destroy who we are and what we are.  I know this may seem retorical.  We hear it all the time.  It takes so much precious time away from us if we allow it to. 

I hope the spot they are watching turns out to be nothing.  And my dear friend you are by no means complaining.  We all understand.  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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Sounds like a pretty good check-up.  Not too worried sounds good also.

I don’t think we ever stop thinking about cancer, but with more time post, it gets easier.

Sorry about the needles.


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are seeing a new Dr.  Now you're getting the kind of follow-up treatment you should have been getting all along.....and you get to experience that wonderful relief knowing that you're doing fine. 

Katie had a good idea about asking for a smaller needle.....one of my Onc. nurses decided to try a smaller needle to pull blood, and my vein actually gave it up in one try.....I didn't have to get poked a dozen times.  I don't know how thick the IV stuff is, tho....that sometimes is what determines the needle size. 


PS....if you're worrying about the IV, that means you're feeling pretty darn good about everything else... Laughing 

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You are a veteran, and you are a veteran because you have chosen to fight. I believe all will be good with the next scan. 

"Keep on Keepin on"


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Don't forget those..., you need them to kick that needles butt....


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jim and i
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I am right there with you. I have actually worked myself into a panic over IV needles. So sorry you have to keep going through this battle. Praying for you.


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God has us here for a reason, when I am down and feeling I can’t take it anymore I remember Him saying to me “Remember I Love You”. Somehow as I focus on those words it gives me strength to get back up and continue the fight. I feel so wonderfully blessed by having friends here on CSN who understand the ups and downs of our lives and our fears. God Bless and be with you.

Tim Hondo  

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Sorry you didn't get a cut and dry "all clear" but things sound promising. In the scheme of things, you can get passed the needle. It's only for a few minutes so don't let months pass you by with worry. 

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I know how your feelin right now,had the same problem on my neck,Had ct scan all was ok but Dr. noticed node involved in thyroid gland and wanted to be safe and do another scan will be getting it on march 17th,and was also told that it was probably nothing to worry about,I'm like you getting tired of this crap,but thankful to be here and have friends on the CSN that understand what is going on and have helped tremendously.

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catfish, i will be praying for a clean scan on march 17.  you're right, it is great to have our friends here who truly understand.


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sorry your having a tough go - stay strong - idont like needles either- sending prayers for a good outcome

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thank you roar and everyone.  i feel much better today and have decided to only think about the iv on the day of the scan.  can't be robbed of all the days between now and may 7th.  thank you all for understaning my fear.  love you all.

ps, it turns out that this lymph node was also on the last scan, a year ago, but nobody told me about it, damn that makes me mad.  anyway, between the last scan and this one, the node grew from 9 to 13, but doc said that is still small.  so, i'm not going to worry unless it shows growth on the may 7th scan.  until then, i'm just going to enjoy life.


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