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is taxol alone worse-easier-same as carbo/taxol for after effects?

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Susan P
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next Weds 12th I have my first tx of taxol alone - allergic reaction to Carbo -

There's an event the folowing Sat 15th st dinner visiting& a movie could leave whenever.


My usual reaction to carbol/taxol has been- lots of peeing day 1-4 no nausea/vomitting achy & ukky for a week

my question is flr those of you that went from carbo/taxol totxol alone - what were youreriences?


tickets are only $20 ea but have to be pre bought---  just trying to make an informed decision---any help would be appreciated

Susan P from Alberta Canada




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It depends on a number of factors. Everybody reacts uniquely to a drug. And I'm not sure what kind of dosing schedule you're receiving. That being said, I was on weekly low-dose Taxol for 6 months. I had an infusion once a week for 3 weeks and week 4 was a break. The second day after treatment I felt a little tired and weak. Most of the time I felt just fine, although fatigued increased the longer I was on this treatment.

You need to pay attention to your neutrophil counts. If they're very low, you may want to skip group gatherings where you'll be in a limited space with numerous germs abounding.

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Pattysoo is right...everyone is different.  I was on Taxol alone for 11 months.  the fatigue increased as time went on, but for the most part I was fine.  I think you will be fine to go to your event.  You have to do your part...fluids, Miralax, good nutrition, rest/activity, good hand washing, and stay as far away from the snifflers and coughers as possible!  But I found taxol alone very easy to tolerate and I was able to do everything I wanted to do during those  months.  Enjoy!

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