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Calcium, Who Knew?

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When I was in the hospital for my laryngetcomy, they couldn't release me until my calcium levels stabilized.  Okay - no problem.  When I went home, I took the supplements.

After 5 weeks, I followed through with my primary care to get them tested, but never heard back from him. Hmmm.

Anyway - started throwing up 4-5 times a day, typically after a coughing spell.  Thought it was my gag reflex.  (Started the day after visiting the primary) When I stated coughing up blood, I contacted the ENTs office (I did send a note to my primary care, but never heard back).   Anyway - the ENTs office said go to the hospital to the ENT exam room, and have it checked out.  This was last Wednesday - Now its Monday, and I'm still in the hospital.  Calcium was WAY too high.  I never knew that was a problem.Now, its way too low, and they have to give me calcium by IV to bring it up quickly.  THat  happened today.  But, I can't go home until it stabilizes without oral medication.

Calcium was something I just took for granted when I drink milk - and I drink a lot.

Who knew?

Oh, and I think its time for a new primary...

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This is sure something I didn't know about.....I thought the worse thing that could happen if you go too much calcium might be kidney or bladder stones....I never realized a person could actually OD on it....how scary!! 

And yes....I think it's time for a new primary.....it'd be hard for me to not have the last word, tho.  Get a new one, but call that other jerk every day till he calls back....then tell him he's fired.


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The calling part is the problem since I can't talk on the phone.  Haven't quite mastered the electrolarynx in order to attempt a phone call.

But, I do email his secretary, and she is usually good at getting him the messages.

My husband changed doctors last year, so I might go with hist doctor. I'm a tad young for his doctor (and so is my husband, but he was referred by an older friend).

I do use a IP relay service to make calls.  I can torment them by calling on that Laughing

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lornal, i have to say when you do something, you do it all the way!!  wow, in the hosp for calcium.  i would have never known that could be a serious issue.  i'm like you, i take for granted i get enuf in my milk....lol.  i'm glad you followed up for yourself.  its a shame you can't talk on the phone, it would be cool if you could tell that doc he's fired!  good luck with the  new one.  now get better and get back home.  praying for you.

God bless you,


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Interesting, I didn't know that could happen. Hope they get it under control quickly and that you are home soon.

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Wow, you are really in the midst of a serious symptom. I will draw what little I know from my Hospice experience. First of all your PCP should be horsewhipped and I think Phrannie is just the one to hire for this! You must have close monitering as hypercalcemia (high calcium) is life threatening. Many cancers cause this problem like multiple myleome, leukemia, head and neck cancers, etc. Sometimes the parathyroid hormone causes this and I imagine most of us have had our parathyroids basically destroyed by rads. If you get dehydrated, your kidneys which remove the calcium from the blood cannot do their job properly. There are other ways cancer can cause havock with our blood calcium levels. Our blood is supposed to contain 1% of our calcium. Many cancer patients have to take a drug called Zometa to control the fluctuating calcium levels periodically. Anyway so sorry you had to go through this when it should have been monitored better. You did not deserve this at all! Keep your Docs on their toes anyway you can. Take care, PJ

PS they need to get to the bottom of this and find out what is causing it to occur.

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jim and i
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I know you have to be careful taking any vitamin or mineral but I didn't know it was that serious. I pray they get it level quickly and I would definately find a new primary care doctor.



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