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Waiting Game Pt 3

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HI All!


Well we have a plan!    I am going to start Folfiri w? Avastin again.   I responded well to it before, and kicked some cancer hiney for me!  We will re-evaluate in about 10 weeks for surgery or more chemo.  I have a tumor next to the rectum.  I have a couple more in the peritoneum near my belly button.  One can actually feel that the abdomen is tighter there, and that is the stiffness of the tumor.


Else, life is good in the Mountains. lol    I finally got my Hydroponic Garden working!   I watched 100 videos and then built one myself.  When I get back, I will document what I did and then release all of my notes and pictures for FREE.  I want anyone whom wants to have fresh food to have this system available.   I did mine on the cheap to see if I could do it, and get all of the parts at a reasonable price.  About $150 for my system that will grow 72 plants in 30-40 days.  I am talking about fresh herbs and greens for juicing.  (No other ambitions for me to grow.)  My system also works for under 150 watts of power.


Best Always,  mike 

Cathleen Mary
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Mike, I am so glad that you have a plan and an aggressive one at that.  Wishing you the best as you start up again. You are such a great advocate.

The garden sounds amazing! You are certainly persevering and generous. Doing it cheaply makes it accessible to so many more who could benefit....probably all of us!

Will look forward to hearing that you are NED.


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That sounds good. You have a great oncologist and an awesome surgeon. May your plan work out the best way and get rid of those tumors.

good luck with the garden and wish that you guys enjoy the benefit of it for many years to come.


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Wishing you the very best as you begin this treatment. Kick cancer's butt! And then have the surgeon kick it out!


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Thanks for the update Mike. I was just about to ask about you. Yea the waiting game sucks. Its seems as though I go from one waiting game to the next as you are.

Be strong brother.

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Sounds like there is a little relief in your post since a plan is finally fermenting.  Please let us now how things are going since waiting 10 weeks seems like a long time.

Peace and comfort for you and our wife,


P.S.  The garden sounds great to me and I wait anxioiusly for the outcome fo the experiment.

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for both the cancer and the garden! I look forward to good news on both fronts. Keep us posted~AA


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