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Hello friends, remember me? I hope so.. I am back and need some help/words of encouragement

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Hello friends! It has been about a year since I have posted on here, because I finally got the news I was hoping for after 7 long months of different doctors and biopsies. I thankfully was diagnosed with “over active lymph nodes” and not the scary C word.


Since last year a lot has changed! I no longer am a single girl! I am engaged and get married in April! I also moved and I live in Colorado now instead of NY. I love it here so much.

 Anyways the reason why I am posting on here is because I confided in a lot of you while I was going through my rough year last year. And I was hoping for some type of words of encouragement or even just that I could just possibly be mad and am overreacting?


For the past month I have been feeling very tired, weak, and sore. It’s sporadic but it seems to be happening a lot more frequently. I also have had this terrible sensation in the middle of my chest. It feels like a giant is standing on it, constant pressure and pain, and also I have extreme pain in my lower back for no reason? There is what feels like a knot in that area where my kidneys are so I am just assuming that’s a pulled muscle? But as I felt all these awful things, last Saturday I found a rather large lump on the right side of my neck. I freaked out a little then ignored it because of my previous diagnoses. Then it didn’t go away after a week. So I googled all my symptoms on the Mayo Clinic site and it pointed to Hodgkin’s/Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. So I obviously panicked. I do not currently have insurance, so I was worried if I went to get tests and go through what I did last time to find out nothing is wrong would just break me into two. It ended up costing me 10,000 + with insurance, so without I don’t know what I would do. I did call my oncologist in NY and he told me to get a primary care physician here and make an appointment and see what they say. So I now have an appointment on Thursday with a new doctor and most likely go through this process again?

I guess I just wanted to post these symptoms and explain my situation in hopes you guys could give me advice again? Or at least tell me I am going crazy, and I have nothing to worry about. This site was my rock last year and hoping it still is!  



Thanks, MandaSmile

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Hi Manda,

  Yes...I remember you, and I'm so happy after everything you went through the big C was not found. I sure won't say your crazy, nor would I tell you there is nothing to worry about. Right now I think you should do exactly what your doing. Get with a new PC and go from there. Talk to your new PC about your insurance situation and maybe he can steer you in the right direction. Congratulations on your engagement,up coming wedding, and relocation to Colorado! Good for you! You have been a busy gal! Let us know how things go for you, and thanks for checking in.

Take care...Sue

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I remember you also.  I apologize for responding so late.  I agree with Sue and hope you have some answers by now.  Please update us when you can. You are not crazy and are wise to have this checked out.

Hugs - Jim

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Does your fiance have insurance to cover you after you are married? Could you sign up for Obamacare? If you are under 26 how about your parents insurance?

Calm down and look it in the eye. You can handle this.

You remind me of my daughter. Wish I had something more helpful to say. Good luck. Remember "every rose has its thorns, but every night has its dawn". Chin up be brave. 

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Who has said you have cancer ? No one.  Ponder that -- NO ONE.   GKH's observations are all spot-on: If you are not yet 26 you can return to your parent's coverage, or your husband's coverage will accept you, since there is no refusal due to pre-existing conditions any more.

But, no one has said you have cancer.  "Calm down" seem like the best words you have heard here.  When I was told that I definitely had cancer -- widespread cancer -- it was by a new doc, just out of med school (residency) a few months before. She was filling in for my family doctor.  

SHE started crying, and I comforted HER; I told her we did not yet have a lot of details yet, and that it would be OK. She went to work on the other side of town, but I sent word to her more than once a few years later that all had gone well.   I left the office the day she told me about cancer thinking, "Damn ! I hope she will be OK !" I was sorry to have upset her.

No one has said you have cancer.

I can Google your symptoms and find sties that will tell me you have been kidnapped by alien beings, or that you had a bad steak last week.  Googled diagnoses are about as accurate at next week's weather forecast. Fifty things cause a pain in the neck (my boss, for instance).




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A lot has changed. You have become engaged. You have moved from New York to Colorado. You are no longer supported by your parents. You have left friends behind. These are all major life changes.

Tired and weak? Just moved which is very tiring.

Pressure and pain in chest? Try googling symptoms for stress and anxiety.

Panic? Again, symptom of stress and anxiety.

Back pain? You have just moved which is very tiring.

Have you tried yoga? meditation? deep breathing exercises? 

Have you met any new friends in your new state? 

You have been given a diagnosis and it was NOT cancer. That is positive: remind yourself often. 

Live it up! You have a life to live, love to give, joy to spread, laughs to share.

Best wishes and warm hugs,



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