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food in peg tube

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Hi everyone

Was just curiois I thought I read somewhere I put more then just Jevity that they have givin me.As in blending my own food just for a change of pace.Have been thinking of blending fruits while going though my rads.

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I mostly put Jevity and water down mine.

Many people put anything they can blend down their PEG.  Just be sure you blend fine enough to push through.

Happy blending,


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I had a G-tube which I think is different from a PEG, Just put Ensure and water in mine. 

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You can add some warm water and "milk it" by squeezint the tube gently to break up a clog.



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While my husband has never put anything into his feeding tube but his Jevity, water and crushed up medications, many others do.   We were told not to and guess I am just too afraid that I won't blend the food to the right consistency for the feeding tube. 

I know that my husband's current feeding tube is smaller than the first one he had so that makes us more afraid.  I'm sure others will chime in soon and if you decide to just be sure you blend your food to a consistency that will pass thru your feeding tube.


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own blending, you have to blend it with enough liquid that there is no lumps or bumps in it....Hondo used broth the blend his food with, and I think he's got one of those Vita-mixes or some type of big blender.  For fruits you could use frozen or glass juice for liquid.  Just be very careful there aren't any chunks in it.


just had another thought....my tube started getting gunk in it...around the inside which slowed down the flow....I started pour Coke (soda) down it, to clean it out....it really works to keep it flowing.

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I had a PEG tube forever, and after the first 5 years, when my insurance stopped paying for my Jevity, we got the go ahead from my GI doc to pour blended family meals down my tube.  After a few years and 5 burned out conventional blenders, our friends turned us on to the miracle of the Vitamix blender.  The Vitamix will blend anything that you put into it, including the kitchen sink, to a silky, smooth consistency in just 3 minutes, which still amazes me!  So, I have been enjoying the delicious meals, that Diane prepares, for about 8.5 years now.  There are a couple of catches though, first you have to add enough liquid (we use milk and fruit juice) to make the consistency to easily flow through your tube; and, the blenders are pricy.  My meals are usually about a quart and a half.   The company does provide a discount for their factory recontidioned blenders, which come with their standard warranty, for folks who have a medical necessity.  Anyone interested would need to call Vitamix and talk to one of their very consumer friendly (our experience) representatives to find out about the process.  I still rely on the ever popular cartons of liquid food, which is now FiberSource HN for lunch and dinner, and Boost Very High Calorie (530 calories per carton) for breakfast, when away from home; I get them from my local medical supply store.  I too used coke, pepsi, or Mountain Dew to flush and help clean my tube (it's the citric acid) about once a day; that tip thanks to the home healthcare nurse who saved my buttocks, with her educating and instructing, when I got home after the Big O.  Best wishes on your journey.


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I was on a PEG for about a month after treatment before I was able to start eating solid food again. I mostly used Osmolite. All my meds were crushed, mixed with warm water and put in the tube as well. I took water by mouth but hydrated as well through the tube. Even after I began eating, I used the tube to supplement my oral intake. 

As Patricke did, we purchased a Vitamix. They are pricey but they have a discount plan for cancer patients. All you need is a note from your doctor. That thing is a tank! We use it every day to make smoothies and it'll even cook soups! I always thought a blender was a blender until we got the Vitamix. Even if you're not going to be on the tube for life, I highly recommend it. 

Positive thoughts and prayers 


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I am with Patrick & T you can’t get better then a Vitamix blender, if you are like me I am always on the road so the Vitamix blender is a little too big to carry with me. So I have a NutrBullet I carry in my bag at all times and I can go anywhere and eat anything with it. Just make sure to run clean water through the PEG tube when you finish eating to keep it clean.


All the best to you

Tim Hondo

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yes I was one that tried everything thru mine. If you can shove it through that big syringe you can shove it down the tube. I must warn you that I had some jam ups that took some forcing of water behind them to get them going. Just use your common sense. Flush the tube well after.

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jim and i
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On the superthread there is a recommended website or two you can go to for healthy recipies. Jim has been on the PEG for three years. He mostly uses the Jevity now since he is in hospice. He has in the past put soups, protien drinks, and milk in there. We have a Vitamix. They are pricey but well woth it to get real foods in your body. Can't taste it but you do get the micro neutrients and enzeymes that the canned fake food can't provide. Just be sure to process it with lots of water, broth or milk. You can even make the soup hot by blending it longer. The DVD they send tells you how. As for clogs, we never had a problem with real food blended well, only with the Jevity gumming it up. I always flush the tube before and after Jim's feedings or meds to make sure the tube is clear of any residue. I only use coke or ginger ale if I can't clear it with water (sometimes I just have to wait a little while and it clears itself). I read somewhere that it wasn't a good Idea to use cokes.


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Stool softerner Since I was in rehab and using peg tube have been taking a liquid stool softerner.Well seems I ran out of it and trying to find more but all I can find is in pill form.Can I use that and crush them or would they what I need behind the counter.

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