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Soreness around PEG tube stoma

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After 5 months of pain free PEG stoma I have just developed a shiny deep pink lump to one side of the hole! it's only small but goes half way round the hole? it stings when I move and also leaks slightly! should I be concerned, I put some cream on for sores should I wait and see if it clears or see my GP. I hate goingto the   docs after all the hospital treatment I have had and don't know if he'd know what was going on as he's just a general practicioner not a specialist. There must be someone out there who's had the same problem.

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jim and i
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Yup, Jim had the same thing not to long after his second peg was put in. I can't remember what the call it but it happens when a wound is not closed up. Cells build up and form that deep pink area. They put Jim in same day surgery to clean it up. He hasn't had it happen again and it has been over a year. GP should know what it is, but we were at the oncologist and he set it up. The radiologist who put in the tube did the surgery. Wish I could remember what they called it. Hope this helps some.


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Called graulation tissue, or "proud flesh", this is a pretty common occurance.  It is loaded with little blood vessels too, so it may bleed abit.  Oftetimes just cauterizing it lightly with somethig like silver nitrate  works well enough nothing else is needed.

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on mine (got it at the grocery store), and the pain from it went away quickly.....the salve also lubes the tube so it's not constantly rubbing and making it sorer.


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thank you for your advise I knew someone would have the answer? After I posted I looked it up on the internet and came across a baby that had the same thing and they could buy little pads that went under the clip around the tube that held it firmer to the skin so it didn't rub or move about, I think I shall cut some out of medical gauge and put some baby'bum' cream on, if that doesn't help I'll go to town and see doc.

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