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Treatment plan

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Ok, I went to see the oncologists on Friday. Going to have combo chemo and rads. 6 weeks of rads with cisplatin at day 1,22, and 43. I went to the dentist yesterday to get cleared by them. All was good there-thank goodness. Have to go in this week for them to fit me for a mask and also going in for a peg tube-just in case. Other than that I feel great and know that I will beat this!

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Same treatment I had five years ago ColdinOhio. For us Notherners they spice up the cisplatin with a little  hot pepper.  Welcome to the Board, freezing my arse off ColdinChicago!

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Wonder if we passed eachother in the hallway.lol I was at the Mentor campas.I get fitted Monday for my mask which will include 7 weeks of rads 5 days a week and will also be doing cisplatin once a week for 10 weeks.They asked if I would be willing to so figured why not just another tool to beat this.I already have the peg tube in and now glad I do from what everyone here has said.So here's a big thumbs up if I don't see you in the hallway

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I had 35 rads and 3 Cisplatins (every three weeks) as part of my treatment, too.  I also had the PEG tube put in before treatment started....I also had 3 Cisplatins + 5FU after rads were over and was glad my tube was place before I started feeling like crap. 

Glad to hear you're so upbeat about this.....that will help you get through tunnel and out the other side.


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That attitude will really help you through all of this.

I have a couple of tips for you.  Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.  Don't let it slip and take it seriously.  Last, stay AHEAD of your Meds.  The Cisplatin plays hell with your bowels and nausea.  Don't skip any meds because you don't feel you need them.

Check in here often and ask lots of questions if you feel a symptom you are not familiar with.  The folks here saved my butt more times than I can count.

You can do this and come out the other side stronger for it.

Good Luck.

Joe Cortney

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plan as mine but my radiation period is 7 weeks.


Sure, you will beat this.

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Your attitude will take you far! Along with hydration and nutrition. Prayers for an easy journey.

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cold, so glad the plan has been made.  time will fly once you start as most of your time is spent running to appts and then the actual appt.  not a lot of time for your mind to wonder....lol.  YES, you WILL BEAT THIS!  you will be a survivor just like the rest of us.  it is not an easy road but a road you can travel and end up on the other side.  we'll be on the sidelines cheering you on so let us now how you're doing.

God bless,


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You sound like you have your head in the right place as you start this journey.  Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so get ready for some ups and some downs along the way.  My advice is always the same--know that in the short term your biggest enemy is not cancer--it's the side effects from the chemo + rads, so prepare for those and deal with them as they happen.  For over 80% of HNC patients, if you survive the treatments, you'll survive the cancer. 

And, lean on your caregiver, family, friends, and all of us here.  No one can beat this alone, so gather up a team and get ready for the fight of your life--which you can and will make it through.

Good luck.



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You sound like you are going on a vacation, in a most unusual way, I guess you are.

All good advice above.  Also, visit the Superthread for a list of must haves.

Best advice I received prior to beginning was drink plenty of water and swallow often.  There were 10 other “best advice”, but the main thing is to work with your body, don’t be a tough guy, keep your team informed and have a nice recliner and a warm blanket.

Good luck and smooth radiating,


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With STP I mean 5FU added?  What level radiation are they giving you?  I am not sure why they still do that when most of the SCC cancer patients I have spoken to here get the weekly Cisplatin 100.  Cannot recall your stage and DX. and HPV status.   You will manage this in any event,  


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Pj, not sure of the doses they will be giving me yet. My cancer is stage 3 and HPV+. I went yesterday to have my mask made, the worst part was not being able to swallow the junk that was in the back of my throat. I also went in the afternoon to get my PEG tube, the after affects of anesthesia were the worst part of that. I couldn't get up without feeling very nauseated. I am feeling a lot better this morning. This is kind of a vacation for me in a twisted sort of way, the time off has given me a chance to be with my family 24/7 and I have really learned who my real friends are. I am trying to be positive about all this and always feel that everything happens for a reason. 

God bless all, 


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Had my mask made monday and had the same problem while laying there was gaging alittle and trying not to cough.Not sure if it was the junk in my throat or maybe the trach pressing alittle against throat.My speach specialist thinks the slivia in mouth was running back down and coughing was good.Have to back to sign the papers for the Cisplatin .LOL and like a sort of vaction at least till the rads come calling so trying to get stuff down around before that.Stay positive it will only get better from here...

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But great to spend more time with family and friends who really care!

You made me think of what a ritual I would go through so as not to choke each time under the mask.  I would take a sip of water in the bathroom then gargle with magic mouthwash and swallow a bit of it to numb my mouth and throat (I had an uncomfortable mouth piece to hold my tongue in position for zapping BOT).  I would then go on a mini vacation in my mind on the table.  Sometimes swimming with turtles and fish underwater, sometimes playing with puppies and my children when they were small.  

I am also stage 3 HPV+ and hope they do not give you too much chemo and radiation as HPV+ responds very well to treatment.  You look like a tough person with a lot to live for so I am sure you will find a silver lining in all of this.  

I am somewhat of a wimpy old lady but oddly am grateful  this happened to me and not to anyone else in my family and made it through remarkebly well.

Blessings to you and your family,


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Like P51 and a few others, I had the full load treatemnt....

I also was STGIII Tonsils, HPV+

Cisplatin, Taxotere and 5FU..., also days for the Cisplatin and Taxotere were 1, 22, and 43. The 5FU was started day 1 (Monday) and ran thru day 4 (Thursday). That was for each od the chemo cycles mentioned...

Then an additional seven weeks of weekly Carboplatin each of those seven weeks, and the 35 daily (M-F) rads sessions...

I had the right tonsil affected and a tumor on that same side (making it STGIII). Tonsils were removed up front before Tx, 7, 000 Rads on the right, 6, 000 Rads on the left.

Oh, and P51 and me also had the daily Amifostine each day just before rads..., for me that was an injection in the stomach. Which left a big red itchy welt that was golf ball size in diameter...

Oh the pleasantries of killing cancer.... No PEG though....


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