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Finally found source of hip pain

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After seeing bone onc and mri and bone scan and no cancer found I was so happy, yet I still have this really bad pain in hip.  When I seen my regular onc this week she also was excited to see i had no cancer and said how is your pain?  I told her still really bad and she said didnt the bone onc tell you what was wrong with your hip???  A    no  !!!   THen she told me my muscle and tendon has torn away from the bone. OUCH!!!   Then she called local orthopaedic surgeons and there is nothing they can do for me. They say the surgery is not successful.  So she called by bone onc back and he is going to inject steroids next wed into my muscle and try to shrink some of the swelling and the muscle to draw back up some.  Said muscle would never attach to bone again.  I dont know what I am in for here.  Still on the pain meds and just hate to take them but I have too.  Thought I would share this with you.  Also, its one scare after another seems like .l  Have something going in in breast,  had mammogram and ultrasound last month that was ok but onc found what she thinks could be a rare form of inflammatory breast cancer.  I go to surgeon next wed for tissue biopsy and duct biopsies.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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You are defintely in our thoughts and prayers. The injury is called an avulsion. That is when muscle or tendon tear away from the bone. Ususally it takes pretty serious trauma. The way that it would be repaired is with staples or screws into the bone. The muscle wil tend to shorten after the injury. It has to be pulled down like a window shade then stapled into place. Isolating the tear and then performing the procedure isn't easy without causing more injury and pain for what could be a long time. (but I don't know which muscle is torn so this is a general description.) An anti inflammatory steroid injection will shrink the swelling. That lessens the pressure and discomfort.  The muscle may tend to spasm for a while but it will atrophy. Pain should improve quickly. Then unless you are a runner or skier and need athletic performance you may be left with just a minor gait change. Probably much less than you are experiencing now. It will be a welcome improvement. Lets hope the breast issue is not serious.

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The report says the right gluteus minimus tendon at its insertion with fluid surrounding the greater trochanter.  Thanks for your replys

 Also I have had no trauma or injury.  Dont know where this came from.  Surgeon said was very rare and nothing could be done surgically.  He said those surgeries are unsuccessful.   Im just hoping something can be done.

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I know absolutely zero about what ails you...  But since the one Dr said there is nothing to be done, then I  suggest another doctor..!  Seems to me like you got nothing to lose by getting a second (or third) opinion.  And since you know what you got, then find the right Doctor if possible to help you..! 

Good Luck..


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Just sending healing thoughts for ALL you are enduring~ OUCH!! Hope the injections give you much needed relief.

And let us know what is going on with your breast problem. I am hoping along side you, that they can find you the answers you deserve!

Let us know what you need from us. We're here to support you ALL the way!!

Warmly, Jan

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Thinking about you, Brea! Hang in there!



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